Julie new with breast mets

Julie new with breast mets

I was diagnosed with Breast cancer stage 2A in 2013 and followed this with a dbl mastectomy with implants, chemo, arimdex and ovaries removed since I was Brac2. My cancer has reoccurred in the hip bone 3 years later 12/2016. I have had radiation (10) to the hip and I'm taking XGEVA, FASLODEX, IBRANCE. My recent scans show no new cancer spots and the bone is slowly healing. I've experienced very little side effects on these 3 drugs.

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  • I'm very sorry to hear you've had a recurrence but very happy the follow-up treatment has been successful. It's so great your scan shows no new growth and a healing hip! I wish you continued good news. You've found the right place for support! And that you've had little side effects on the meds. I co-facilitate an aromatase inhibitor support group, so if you are near the NYC area and would like to sit in, please do! We meet the 3rd Wednesday of every month.

  • Fantastic news. Sorry you had to go through treatment again

  • Welcome, jaertl! I'm glad you've been tolerating the drugs well and that you're healing well. Sending you lots of warm wishes! (Side note: what a beautiful doggo!)

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