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Stage 1a breast cancer


Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with Stage 0-1 DCIS grade 3 Comedo Necron hormone receptor negative breast cancer just before Christmas 2018. My surgeon recommended a lumpectomy and a SNL biopsy with radiation. Jan. 3rd I had my lumpectomy and it was found to actually be Stage 1a breast cancer with no lymph node involvement. I have since spoken with 2 oncologists and a radiology oncologist who have all said I chose the right treatment for me and will be starting 5 days per week radiation treatment for 4 weeks. I still don't know if I made the right decision and should have had a mastectomy? I want to give myself the very best chance for not having my cancer come back. I worry about the side effects of the radiation in my future. I don't know how to stop worrying that it might come back in my same breast or start in my other breast. It's so scary! I know i'm lucky that my cancer was caught early. The oncologist says I only need to have 1 mammogram a year in my future to watch for anything suspicious. Is that enough? If it does rear it's ugly head again I want to catch it as early as possible. Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

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Your situation sounds similar to mine. They told me the same thing. I had 16 radiation treatments with no problems. Taking Tamoxifen with no problems. Mammogram in 1 year.

I had DCIS 12 yrs ago. Had a mastectomy and 5 yrs tamoxifen. I had more than 1 area of DCIS in that breast so that was the best route for me. Unfortunately you always worry. That's why it's nice to have groups like this. After all these years I still need to talk to others. Hang in there. We are here for you.

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So true you always worry. My circumstances were same as yours 12 yrs ago also. Yes it is nice to have this group

Thank you

Thank you

Mine was was hormone receptor negative so none of the medications would work on me. Just the lumpectomy and 4 weeks of radiation treatments 5 days a week which I should be starting within the next couple weeks and a prayer that it never comes back!


I was diagnosed in 1999 with a stage two estrogen receptor positive tumor in my left breast. My SNB revealed two of the seven nodes had been infiltrated. I had a modified radical mastectomy with reconstruction, followed by six months of chemo. I did not have radiation. I still take Evista (an alternative to tamoxifen) now, even after 20 years.

I saw my oncologist frequently during the first year, graduated to every six months and then yearly. My mammograms were also done yearly. Because you know your body better than anyone, you should do monthly self examinations. Yearly mammograms should be sufficient. If ever needed, you can have a mastectomy and even reconstruction down the road.

You would be amazed at the breast forms and mastectomy wear that is available today. I know because I became a certified mastectomy fitter ten years ago. I also help to facilitate a monthly breast cancer support group. Please get information on lymphedema - both the SNB and radiation make you susceptible and it's a lifetime risk. It can be managed, but not cured so prevention is the way to go.

Try to stay upbeat and continue doing the things you enjoyed before your diagnosis. It's important to be with people who are supportive. Don't let anyone bring you down. Be positive and surround yourself with positive people.

If there is anything you would like to ask me, please don't hesitate. I would also be more than happy to send you information and catalogs.

Best of luck,

Ronnie Dale

Thank you Ronnie Dale. All your information is very helpful. I'm scared of radiation but my doctors tell me it gives me a much better chance of my cancer not returning than if I don't have it. I start it tomorrow. I have breast that are on the larger size and I've never known for sure if I'm doing my breast self exam correctly. To check every bit on each breast would take quiet a bit of time and even then I'm not sure I'm doing it right. I'll be 60 this summer and one would think I should know how to do this but I don't!

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