Immunotherapy Article

Immunotherapy Article

Courtesy of SHARE member Chiara, who's mentioned in this article, here's a very helpful, in-depth and informative article about immunotherapy and chemotherapy from NJ Monthly. (The photo is with me, Chiara and a bunch of friends celebrating her 45th) And be sure to check out her blog, Beauty Through the Beast:

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  • You're so cute, Cathy, for posting this photo of us celebrating my 45th birthday together! And thank you for bringing this page to my attention, I love SHARE Cancer Support and this is now another resource for giving and receiving information and support! Thanks for posting, Debbie Galant did a great job at covering the ins and outs of finding a clinical trial.

  • It was a great day and I hope we can celebrate again next year. I agree that Debbie did a fantastic job. She covered a lot of detailed, scientific information in a very engaging and easily-digested way. Brava!

  • Oysters again next year!!!

  • Yes! And pan roast too.

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