Herpes - have I got it?

Well it's been four years since I went to the clinic, and the results came back negative! Yay! But I am starting to think its a false negative (I'm a mathematician so I know how common they can be). And a friend told me that it can remain dormant? Anyway, I had a horrible outbreak, where I couldn't walk properly because of the pain, and it comes back negative and thats it? I don't think so. Anyone have any ideas?

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  • You are quite right that Herpes is more of a clinical (symptoms and signs) diagnosis rather than a laboratory (tests) diagnosis. Aciclovir is fantastic at suppressing outbreaks. Dr Webberley

  • I've had herpes since age 20 and I'm now 56. I've never had an outbreak so bad I couldn't walk. However, I also get MERSA. Now those outbreaks are so painful I can't walk and I have had sores in that area. HERPES are generally the size of mesquite bites. MESA becomes more like a golf ball, in my experiences.

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