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Herpes blood testing

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Hello I have a question may someone here will be able to help me . I was in a relationship for 7 months with a guy we broke up and about a month after we last had intercourse I started experiencing these electric shock like sensations all over my body about two months has went by and they have mostly settled inside my vagina it’s a prickling , pin and needle sharp pain sensation that comes and goes . I’ve had STD testing done all which were negative. My physician examined me and told me her first thought was herpes but I didn’t have any lesions or anything of such . Her office didn’t offer herpes blood testing so I went & purchased the test at a lab . It was the IGg antibody blood test. I has one done at 6 weeks negative for type 2 postive for type 1 which I knew already because I’ve had type 1 as a teen getting cold sores on my lips . I then retested at 10 weeks negative again for type 2 then I tested again at 20 weeks and it was negative once more for type 2. Is this a accurate blood test ? Are my results conclusive ? Is it safe to say HSV2 isn’t my problem ? I’ve seen some sights say take a blood igg and igm test together. Can someone help with some insight ?

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No I haven’t had any type of breakout and I’ve been to several GUM appts all negative for STDS

Thank you ! I will mention this to my dr

I think if you have had repeated HSV serology that detected type 1 but not 2 , then I would be happy that there is no evidence of type 2. Pudendal nerve entrapment is very rare and not an easy diagnosis to make - there is even debate whether it really exists as a condition . Vulvodynia certainly exists but your symptoms are not typical.

Thank you for your response !

most welcome

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