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Please help if u can

Hello I am 13 and I have skin attached to the right side of the tip of my penis is it supposed to be like that please answer if you know

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glojayy--I'm not sure from your description just what you mean--and I'm not a medical person anyway--but you need to ask someone about this--in an ideal world where everyone had a father and fathers and sons communicated easily about personal issues, you would start with your Dad--but that may not be possible or practical for you--many large cities have teenage medical clinics where you could go without parental permission (I'm sure availability, arrangements and laws about these things vary from state to state)--since you're obviously computer-savvy enough to connect with this group you can find out what the situation and availability of such services is in your area--wish I could help more! anyone else available to help? good luck!


It could be phimosis or could be what is commonly called banjo string, this is a string of skin which attaches to your foreskin and usually comes away at puberty. At your age it should not be a problem unless it causing you pain. If in pain or really worried you need to see a Doc.

Good luck


Sounds to me like a skin tag. There are plenty of over the counter medicines for that or you can just ask a doctor during your annual visit (if you don't want your parents finding out). There are also a lot of home remedies to take care of a skin tag, just google them. I had my wife literally cut a skin tag off my back which had been bothering me since I was born. BTW that is not a safe method, i just happened to be drunk and lucky that night.


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