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Man boobs please help


Man boob moobs what ever name u want to call them. I have done diet and exercise. With no success. And can not do push up due to an wrist injury. Bench press doesn’t help and upper body doesn’t do anything for the size. I need more ideals please .

I also went they a 6 month hard core pt going thru rookie school with very little if any at all of a loss.

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You might want to make sure you have enough testosterone—not sure how old you are but your doctor can order a blood test to make sure you have enough. Also cut down on any foods (or beer) which might be high in estrogen. Best wishes.

Rookie0132 in reply to Nick2U

Thank u for your reply I have and donyearly physicals and my blood work comes back good and my testosterone is in the normal range for a 37 yr old male. I in the past 6 months have cut out all sugar and all bread.

So every persons body stores fat in different places and when we try to lose the fat we don't generally get to decide where we lose it from. Personally I get fat in the area called "love handles". The only way I corrected this was I stayed on a strict diet and waited until by body decided to lose weight there.

For me it is best to lose weight on diets alone. From previous types of diets I concluded that all diet types work. Whether it be counting calories, eating no carbs, intermediate fasting...etc.

When I incorporate exercise I tend to break my diet, due to uncontrollable urge to eat.

Rookie0132 in reply to Night_Guy

So your saying if u add exercises it makes u not lose?

Night_Guy in reply to Rookie0132

No, I. Saying when I add exercise, I tend to eat more. I can still lose weight however it is just slower

babes be proud of your boo boos!

soy containing foods are rich in estrogen and yes test for testosterone that alone can cause the problem at any age. the doc may be hesitant cause it is the " in thing" but this is not his problem do what you need to for yourself

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