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6 months ago I had my prostate removed. I was wondering if anyone has any advice you can pass along? I would appreciate any feedback I can get.

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mhally, I hope you're doing well! Good that you found this group! You don't say advice in regard to what possible problems or changes--incontinence? erectile ability? psychological issue regarding change of self-image, masculinity, etc.? most of us who have "lost" our prostate have had experience with a variety of issues. Here's hoping you've had some professional advice re sexual functioning and you started some rehab soon after the surgery. I'm also hoping you're one of the lucky ones who had a fairly quick return to continence or near-continence, but in case you're not, rest assure that you can still make a lot of progress in this area after six months. So, maybe let us know--what's bothering you?


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