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Sensitive Issues for Men
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Question for all men of different ages:

Does size really matter? Does your significant other/ partner prefer you to shave, trim or be natural?

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As a counselor, I have heard self-disclosures from men that their preferences run from smooth to natural. Some more dominate topmales what their partners smooth, and others natural, and other does not make a difference..

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Well that's an interesting question. My fiancé says I'm perfectly fine however, I know deep down she'd wish I were bigger because I know she was involved with bigger men (as in taller and muscular) and of course you can imagine that a guy like that would be well endowed. But then again, I've had other sexual partners big & skinny women and all were VERY pleased, content and always wanted more....because according to rumors that spread throughout determined that I knew what I was doing in the sack. Shaved, trimmed are usually what most women truly prefer and then there are the ones that pretty much prefer natural, now those are the old school ladies who range from ages 40's-50's and really don't mind trying out the shaved or trimmed.....well you know....

At the end of the day, it all comes down to communication between you & your partner to avoid the inconvenience of having an awkwardness surprise and embarrassment..

Communication is a good start.

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Size ? I have what is probably an average size when erect. I think like most guys, I guess, that bigger would be better ? But my wife always enjoys sex and climaxes most times and has never complained. On occasion I have struggled to maintain an erection so purchased a latex condom which adds about 4 cm and some girth. This allows penetrative sex without a full erection. The point is she never asked or suggested this but it is obvious to me that she enjoys the bigger 'me'. But sex without it is just as enjoyable and she never asks for it even if I suggest it when not really needed. Make the most of what you have.

Shaving ? I did trim down and tidy the area up. But she never noticed ...

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