I'm 24 and I feel like I don't ejaculate much

What can I do to increase it ? I sometimes don't masturbate for two or three days but it's still not that much .

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  • hey, jmerrick, people are all different; one of the things I've noticed from watching porn is that some guys come alot, and other guys don't; if it feels good when it's happening I wouldn't worry much about it!

  • There are various vitamins and pills that promise to increase your cum. But if everything else is ok, why worry ? Remember it only takes a single sperm to make a baby. You have millions !

  • jmerrick: Had prostate cancer at a very young age, and had to have it surgically removed. The prostate is where the sperm/semen comes from, so without it, you have a "dry orgasm". I was told it "would feel the same", but unfortunately, it doesn't. I miss ejaculating VERY much. I would give anything to be able to ejaculate again. Before the cancer, like you, I never ejaculated very much and always wished I could ejaculate more. Now, I would be thrilled to be back in that situation, no matter how little I ejaculated. As long as everything is working, and it feels good, consider yourself fortunate you can still cum.

  • Thank you , that really takes things into perspective . God bless you !

  • Are you on any psychotic meditations?

  • Prozac and Ativan as needed

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