Sex demon

Hey I have a very serious problem which I fear may cost me a life.

I am a single boy aged 28. I live alone in Malawi,.The problem that I have is that I masturbate every single day. Whenever I go to bed then the first thing that I do is masturbate. Please guys help me with ways of how to stop it.

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  • Are you Bragging or complaining lol. Maybe even get your self a woman/man which ever floats your boat,

  • The problem is I lost trust in Malawian ladies. You can easily get diseases bro

  • I can advise from my experiences that daily masturbation is common at eligible age when you have lot of testosterone. Masturbation as such will not harm your body .Your worry on this is rather harming you . Even daily daily intercourse is possible initially after wedding for some time , few months or year . But naturally the frequency reduces, same applies for masturbation . It depends on mental desire and libido . But you may try to reduce yourself if you want . Now you are masturbating probably because you do not have a lovable partner . Once you have a partner things are expected to change automatically .Relax . There is nothing like malwii woman or other woman .Each individual woman is different .

  • Thanks very much my man finally I can afford a smile

  • The thoughts you have while doing it could be the damage. Having such a high or unrealistic thought pattern on women can cause the issues.

    It's about taking it a day at a time.

    For help I found for advice really helpful

  • What's your problem? Don't confuse the issues. Women will come along all in good time and when you are ready to trust and attract them. Nothing wrong with masturbation. Many kids are wrongly brought up being told that it is bad and wicked. Forget that. It's a release and it's fun and stop worrying!

  • This is extremely awesome. I love masturbation. Thank you very much sir

  • I think a lot of guys masturbate daily - especially at your age. Don't give yourself a hard time about it (no pun intended).

  • Masturbating doesn't hurt you, almost all guys want to do it, and many of them (most of them?) every day when they're young. Enjoy it!

  • Thanks. I love it

  • This is not a serious problem or indeed a problem at all unless you make it one and as such there is no way it may cost you a life. Come on get real. This is pretty normal stuff.

  • Masturbation is completely normal. Don't worry.

  • I masturbate daily & I'm much older than you. I don't see what the problem is. Do you feel guilt or shame?

  • Tertious,

    I Jack off every day too. 😉 in the morning when i get up and at night as well. I love to masturbate. :)

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