Dirty Foreskin ?

Not sure what is relevant , so here goes.

I am 50, married with children. Sexually active with my wife.

I am uncircumsised with a tight foreskin, always has been with no problems.

A couple of months ago I started getting what I can only describe as a ring of dirt around the tip of my Penis/foreskin. I shower/bathe daily and regularly clean the area with warm water. I have tried Canestan and hydrocortisone creams with no effect. Also following advice on other forums Body butter then Baby lotion (not oil).

Any suggestions how I can stop this would be appreciated.

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  • It appears it is Smegmitis . The smegma which comes out on the glans is getting infection and after drying shows a dry ring of something like chalkdust . Check your blood sugar . Cortison creams may reduce but it may be temporary . Meet a surgeon . You may need circumcision. Enjoyed enough with foreskin . Try to enjoy without foreskin . Effect same .

  • I like the enjoying part, but not sure I fancy the surgery !

    I will try other options first.

  • I certainly would not go in that direction, the foreskin has many functions, see a urologist or dermatologist.

  • I have never been able to pull back all way, but enough to clean with water. This problem has only appeared in the last couple of months.

  • Thanks for the advice. I just need to get over my embarrassment and see the Dr.

  • Urgently check blood sugar

  • Cut down on sugar. Try vitamin D and vitamin B complex. Sugar can alter skin secretions which in turn can provide medium for thrush growth. Vitamin D and vitamin B complex important for immune system.

    More frequent washing is needed in the short term to remove as much of the thrush growth medium as possible. The frequent washing will help the growth medium defuse out. Worth looking at the temperature you wash your underwear at. The wash needs to be at least 60 to kill all fungi and bacteria.

    You may have picked up some of your wife's bionome. So it is worth both of you discussing the issue with a doctor.

    This may or may not help. One can only try it and see. A lot of things require investigation and experimentation to see if they work or not.

    Hope I have been helpful.

  • Thats very interesting, especially the washing.

    I think our machine is set at 40, which I guess could mean I reinfect myself ?

  • Check blood sugar . If it is ok,fine .Even then you need to clean your glans .If you can't retract the skin fully means you will not be able to clean the glans , hence unhygienic. So you should remove foreskin. Not a problem with your partner as your sensations are inside the shaft and her sensations depend on foreplay and thrust during copulation, her motivation and the G spot . Hence to keep your glans clean (otherwise lot of fungal infection, bad smell including cancer can happen ) it is safe to be circumcised. Oral will be fantastic . No regret if you go for circumcision.

  • Hi all, Thanks for all the advice.

    I eventually went to see my Doc, initial prognosis was not good, possible penile cancer !

    I was fast tracked and saw a Consultant who said cancer was possible but unlikely. Probable cause was 'zoon s balantitis'.

    The cause of which is unknown.

    Cure was circumcision, which was carried out a couple of days ago. Waiting now for lab' result for definitive answer.

    If it is cancer then the use of Chemotherapy cream should sort it.

    So thanks again for advice, my advice to anyone suffering similar problems, please see your Dr or Sexual Health clinic. The sooner the proper diagnosis the sooner the cure.

    The tight foreskin and being unable to pull back was irrelevant in this situation and would not have made a difference.

    Finally, a huge Thank You to the NHS for excellent and rapid treatment. Less than seven days from seeing Doc to surgery.

  • Get well soon . This was not expected . In fact while I had circumcision out of a similar problem of not being able to track the skin fully , my surgeon told me that by circumcision chances of cancer reduces rather eradicates . I belief because you have removed , everything will be fine shortly . Wear loose dresses for few days .Good luck

  • Hi, thanks for that. Some people suggest tight pants to reduce movement. But I think I will try the loose clothing.

  • Actually smegma comes out from inside on the glans which will dry up with air if you wear loose dress. Initial rubbing also can be avoided . Hope your wounds of circumcision are already healed . Don't worry at all . Any news on your malignancy test report ? Hope that is negative and shall be happy to hear .

  • Hi, to be honest the first couple of days where better with tight pants to keep things together, so to speak.

    Now the loose clothes feel better, wound still sore. No result on cancer screening, fingers crossed.

    I will keep you informed.


  • Wound will heal with proper dose of antibiotic . Application of Hydrocortisone with Antibiotic locally say Neosporin H ointment locally will heal quicker. I hope your sugar was checked before operation . I don't know why tight brief was required to keep things together .It is supposed to be bandaged . Okay now loose dress is ok to allow oxygen on the wound to dry it up. If malignancy test is negative , nothing to worry . You can have a good sex life . Good luck.

  • Hi, does anyone know if this 'Zoon's Balantitis' could be hereditary ? I have a 13 year old son, I do not believe he is showing any symptoms but would like to know if it is avoidable.


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