Dirty Foreskin ?

Not sure what is relevant , so here goes.

I am 50, married with children. Sexually active with my wife.

I am uncircumsised with a tight foreskin, always has been with no problems.

A couple of months ago I started getting what I can only describe as a ring of dirt around the tip of my Penis/foreskin. I shower/bathe daily and regularly clean the area with warm water. I have tried Canestan and hydrocortisone creams with no effect. Also following advice on other forums Body butter then Baby lotion (not oil).

Any suggestions how I can stop this would be appreciated.

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  • It appears it is Smegmitis . The smegma which comes out on the glans is getting infection and after drying shows a dry ring of something like chalkdust . Check your blood sugar . Cortison creams may reduce but it may be temporary . Meet a surgeon . You may need circumcision. Enjoyed enough with foreskin . Try to enjoy without foreskin . Effect same .

  • I like the enjoying part, but not sure I fancy the surgery !

    I will try other options first.

  • I certainly would not go in that direction, the foreskin has many functions, see a urologist or dermatologist.

  • Are you able to skin back and clean underneath the foreskin?

  • I have never been able to pull back all way, but enough to clean with water. This problem has only appeared in the last couple of months.

  • You really should be able to clean the whole of the glans and underneath the corona with soap and water. For whatever reason, it does sound as if you have now got a bit of an infection going on - fungal or bacterial - that will need to be cleared up. You should really consult your doctor or go to a Sexual Health Clinic to get the current problem sorted. It is not a good idea to start using steroid creams and other over the counter stuff without knowing what the problem is. You could make things worse. It may be that your blood sugars are going too high and the excess sugar excreted by your kidneys, through your urine, is encouraging the growth of bacteria or fungus. Long-term, you may need to sort out your blood sugars, if this is causing your problem, or to have a circumcision to allow proper cleaning.

    Hope this helps

  • Thanks for the advice. I just need to get over my embarrassment and see the Dr.

  • Urgently check blood sugar

  • Cut down on sugar. Try vitamin D and vitamin B complex. Sugar can alter skin secretions which in turn can provide medium for thrush growth. Vitamin D and vitamin B complex important for immune system.

    More frequent washing is needed in the short term to remove as much of the thrush growth medium as possible. The frequent washing will help the growth medium defuse out. Worth looking at the temperature you wash your underwear at. The wash needs to be at least 60 to kill all fungi and bacteria.

    You may have picked up some of your wife's bionome. So it is worth both of you discussing the issue with a doctor.

    This may or may not help. One can only try it and see. A lot of things require investigation and experimentation to see if they work or not.

    Hope I have been helpful.

  • Thats very interesting, especially the washing.

    I think our machine is set at 40, which I guess could mean I reinfect myself ?