enlarged prostate

male 77 years enlarged prostate quality of life so so i also have bladder stones. sleep is hard to come by , up two or three times per night. has anyone had procedures, and had good results. my brother had laser treatment, which made things worse, looking for any suggestions. thank you

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  • I hope you get some help. Don't give up.

  • Any good hospital urology section should be able to sort you out, 43086. Enlarged prostate can be controlled and/or chemically shrunk. It needs to be ascertained that there is nothing bad going on first. I assume you've had checks already but if not, do it soon to put your mind at rest. As Bobjensen says, don't give up. Get some help and good advice.

  • Have you tried herbal medicine? I know a herbal medicine called diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is effective in treating prostate problems include prostatitis and enlarged prostate. Maybe you can give it a try. Hope you feel well soon.

  • My dad had the old surgery (re-boring the hole through the prostate) which helped a lot. Several members of a friend's family had it too. The laser is a better way of doing the same thing.

    It probably won't help the bladder stones though they might pass out a bit easier.

  • Progesterone shrinks prostate gland it's natural also we normally make it naturally but pretty sure this is the missed "trick" they havent noticed as they know we make less testosterone as age but progesterone is the precursor to both E&T it's the third element that almost all never get tested for!

    I know P works as an elderly couple wife was using P cream for HRT ole boy was rubbing it in for her after a while noticed his prostate issues was going away!

    Med corp don't like us knowing this as want to "push" wonder pills that cause many other side effects!

    It's micronised or natural type that works but do a search on it as P is a very missed trick

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