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Smell after Surgery.

Hi all

I have posted elsewhere on this site regarding my need for a circumcision and subsequent surgery. Wound is healing nicely, but still a little sensitive.

My concern at the moment is the area is quite smelly. I bathe/shower daily but within a short time the smell returns. Is this a symptom of surgery and will it clear or could it be an infection ?

As ever any advice appreciated. Thanks

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Smell is of smegma and natural . Do not worry .If you are circumcised then smegma will evaporate and dried on clothes. If not circumcised smell may remain, nothing to worry unless the smell is very offensive /intolerable .In fact that smell may bring desire and arousal to your lady partner .When seminal fluid will come out you will not feel the smell as you will be lost in obsession because of the combined smell of your smegma and your partner's smegma and lubricants . Relax ..... But wash regularly during bath and urination .Use clean clothes. Nothing is going to fall. Heaven is not going to fall .

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Hi and thanks for the up-beat response.

I discovered the offensive smell was over use of Vaseline, to stop underwear sticking !

I have stopped use, and as you say the only odour smell now is natural.



Who advised you to use vaseline ? keep it airy . relax .


Hospital advised Vaseline to stop sticking to clothes.

Now I now the cause, things are less worrying. Things are still sensitive but are improving.


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