tight foreskin

hi, I have a bit of a problem- the skin at the top of my foreskin has gone white and tough, no spots or discharge comes from it. it can be quite painful to pull back the foreskin sometimes. I would be grateful for any help/advice.

it has been like this for the past 12 months.

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  • Im hoping you've been to your GP?, IF NOT M8 YOU NEED TO and ask for a curcomcicion, chop the extra skin off.

    Good luck.

  • Not been to see GP as im a bit of embarrased

  • I'm sure they've seen bigger and uglier one than your lol, you really do need to go to your GP OR A & E. It will fall off if you don't, it's no worse than going to see a beautiful young female doctor and saying you can't get it up. You'll be ok.

  • update! after going to see my GP he had to ask for a second opinion as he had never seen anything like it before (insert joke here!). neither of them could tell me what it was so I was sent away with cream and referred to a skin specialist, which has a 3 month waiting list.

  • Hi dean1988,

    Sounds like you just need to go to see a GP and get a referral to a urologist, most likely they will just suggest a circumcision.

    It's worth getting the op done if you have the chance from personal experience.

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