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Hydrocele problem.

A recent CT scan of my abdomen for possible hernia trouble showed that I had two minor hydroceles. The medics want to do an op. under anaesthetic to (presumably permanently) correct the situation.

I would prefer not to have this kind of op. so is it possible just to get the excess fluid drained out, and see if the problem returns, before such a serious op. ?

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I didn't know it was so serious an op, my grand son had that op aged 5, home the same day.


It seems that any op. on a 74 year old man who has had previous heart problems has to be treated as serious !


They can drain the cell with a needle but then chances are good it will return then you'd have to repeat the process.




That is what I thought, and suggested this to the Consultant - but he said they would not do this because of the risk of introduced infection, and also risk of puncturing an internal blood vessel.


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