Testicle problem

I'm a 25 y.o. man. I have pain and swelling in my left testicle these days. The pain gets worse when ejaculating. I'm so worried about it. Is this testicle cancer or something else?

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  • You should consult with a health care professional for sure. Consult Movember.com or other resources too.

  • Yeah, I have done that.

  • I'd get to the doctor! Once I had something a bit similar (it's so long ago I'm hazy about it) and the doc was able to reassure me right away there was nothing wrong....but whatever it might be, sitting around guessing isn't gonna help

  • Maybe you should see a different doctor. I went a doctor and diagnosed with epididymitis. Now, I'm on a medication called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Hope it can help me get rid of the condition.

  • Don't worry it is most probably not a cancer. You just have an infection. You should contact a doctor and get antibiotics. This is not very uncommon.

  • Thank you for your reply. I'm taking medicine now.

  • Thank you. I have gone to a doctor and it's just an infection.

  • As someone who had testicular cancer, and whose father died from the same, I cannot urge you strongly enough to go to the doctor. The chance are that is is nothing serious - my lump didn't hurt at all - but better safe than sorry.

    If it is TC, then the prognosis is generally very, very good indeed. My father was older and didn't get it checked for a long time.

    If you feel embarrassed by going to the doctor, rest assured that unless you are the first patient of the day, they WILL have seen worse than your bag that day. Also, believe me, they will have seen far, far worse in their career. Our son did a week at the local hospital (now applying to med school) and he saw much worse than you can imagine as a would -be student ~ far worse indeed.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you very much. I have gone to a doctor and diagnosed with epididymitis. I'm taking medicines now.

  • Excellent news.

  • Get it checked out, mate. People bother their doctors with far less than that and you need reassurance. You won't embarrass anybody - least of all your GP. Let us know how it goes.

  • I have done that. It's just an infection. Thanks.

  • there are lots of things that could be causing this problem.If your fears about testicular cancer are justified, doing nothing will only make matters much worse than they are now. Not getting it investigated doesn't make any sense at all. See your doctor now.

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