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night sweats


Hi all, I have Microvascular disease which includes micro and macro vascular spasms. The unusual thing is that l have it primary and whole body not just around my heart although this is mainly were it is. Basically my arteries pinch cutting off blood to the next organ and dependant upon the severity of the pinch is relative to the pain. Raynauds is also MVD and l react multiple times per day to trigers which are any sudden change or just because it wants to. Two NSTEMI's a MVD-TIA, MVD-Pancreatitis and between 20 and 30 good Acute Conerary Syndromes, in old money you would class at least 6 of them as mild heart attacks but im still here. with all this said l hate night sweats! last night l had two good ones, it's as if you had pured 2 or 3 cups of water on the bed each time and l awoke woth some chest pain. anyone else have these ?????

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Hi do you have obstructive sleep apnea? If you have vascular disease it would be imperative to treat OSA should you have it ?


kel55 in reply to Jamesgui2

no james no OSA! and l am not diabetic?

Jamesgui2 in reply to kel55

The ateology of MV disease is poorly understood . A referal to a geneticist and a request to be enrolled in the 100,000 genome project UK 400 Northern Ireland may be of interest to you. Enviromental factors such as exposure to toxins ,especially radiation have been known to cause dysfunction in the smaller vascular beds. It's a very frustrating complex problem with a poor or non existent understanding of the constellation of issues it can present with? Hope you get some help in the future ,my gut feeling is that better understanding will be through genetic research . best

kel55 in reply to Jamesgui2

we have 2 specialist here in the uk. kaski and collins, im under the latter! theybasically know its happening but firstly they cannot see it and secondly it is hit and miss when seeing vasospasms. l think it is more of a command and control typething and then over reaction by my nerve system

It may be dystonia involved , but you should explore the genome route . good wishes

Sorry I meant autonomic dysfunction spellcheck changed the line . best

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