Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Silent Heart Attack ?

My wife had a " silent heart attack" and wasn't found out until her yearly physical and had an EKG, which showed abnormality. Her ECG showed the area of damage. She had been being treated for years for anxiety and depression and her Dr. said she had been on the meds too long and took her off. She went a year doing well and then she lost sleep and was back into anxiety and depression, now being treated, but not back to herself as before. I'm thinking the year she was off her med is when the SHA happened.

Have any of you experienced anxiety and depression before your heart attack or stroke?

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Yes. It's not knowing what is going on and why it is happening and what to do about it. Sorry this happened.


I was on citalapran for some 12 years and kept the panic attacks at bay. In October 2016 had h/a and taken I to hospital had stent fitted but was immediately taken off citalapran as have abnormal rhythms which is nos being investigated. However the depression and panic attacks returned and 14 months after coming off citalapran have been put on new drug and feel ok again . So n o w just waiting for conclusion of investigation. Your wife should consult GP not suffer panic attacks.


Don't go down that road as because of Continuing Care rip off the LAs are trying to compartmentalise neurological problems connected to heart as being Mental so can deliberately delay diagnosis & access to researchers said down in NHS Constitution & Equalities Act .This is outrageous as health is not an exact science & should be centred on Microvascular Research which my specialists the Cardiopulmonary agreeing to as at MI revived with an angioplasty This has now been found, not on normal testing but on insertion of Reveal device not revealing much else as sampling? the consciousness spasms which possibly connected to multi infant dementia that mother had severely effecting cognitive & movement & function In my online records says the abnormal EEG is of no consequence.It must be someone on a questionable contract writing these things or was it an accountant or PA creating fiction ??!!


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