I'm 42 and suffered a heart attack 2 weeks ago. I am not feeling great if I'm not feeling sick or light headed and dizzy I have pounding headaches. I know these are normal side affects to all the medications. I'm also very emotional at the moment. I have 2 small children who keep me going but I'm finding it very hard. Would love to hear other people's stories and any advice.

Thanks lynne

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  • Hi Lynne I know exactly how u r feeling I had my h/a 2 months ago. Those first few weeks are so hard it's such a shock when it happens and the realisation that your life has totally changed in a second. I found having a good cry helps and also talking to your friends. Talk to doc if meds are causing you problems. Life will get better yesterday I watched my grandson play footie and was shouting and enjoying it as much as I ever did! I'm just so grateful to still be here. I hope u start to feel better soon x Janet x

  • Thanks For your message Janet it really helps knowing I'm not on my own. I know it's early days and things will get easier. It hasn't really sunk in yet that I've had a h/a at my age. Everybody around me has been very supportive and I'm sure given time I'll accept what has happened. Thanks again xxx

  • I had my ha when I was 40 and I too have a child. If you've been offered rehab classes go to them the nurses are usually brilliant and they can also offer you someone to talk to. I went through I range of emotions my main one being utter fear of it happening again. It gets better. The first year after my event (It makes me laugh when they use that phrase it's as though you've been to a party) I felt quite ill and just got through each day. be kind to yourself, rest when you can and if you're tired go to bed when the kids do. Housework can wait I don't iron half the stuff I used to and so what if there's a bit of dust. It's early days for you but you do come out the other side. Feel better soon x

  • Thanks for your message it helps reading them. I am taking up the rehab sessions ... although there is a long waiting list for them. It is scary wondering if I'll have another one every twinge I get im it happening again. Ha ha!!!!.... The event!!! Like it. I must admit I do find it hard to relax as I have always done everything and worked full time in a very stressful job. So learning to let others do things and leaving the cleaning , ironing is easier said then done. Nice to hear from someone who is recovering well with a positive attitude it really helps... thanks lynne x

  • I really do feel for you and know exactly what you mean. I got up yesterday morning and just sat there and cried my eyes out. I get great comfort reading others on here, knowing what I'm going through is 'normal'. I feel cheated, ask myself "why me?". I'm a builder who 2 weeks ago was lifting heavy materials, only to be told never again. In my head I can, but it's so hard to know I can't. It must be so hard with children, ( I have grandchildren), but you must do as you are told. I'm convinced all will be well given time, and are looking forward to the rehabilitation letter to drop through my letter box to start that long journey back. Good luck to you, and keep thinking positive.

  • Hi, thanks for your message. It is nice to know your not alone after a h/a and know that crying and feeling a little bit sorry for yourself is a normal process. I keep breaking down in tears when I least expect to I don't really know why... lol. Must be hard not being able to return to your normal job.. I at least can return to mine I'm a behaviour support worker in a primary school which is a very stressful job. I intend to cut down my hours when I return to work. I too am waiting for the rehabilitation letter to come through the post. Good luck and thank you for replying. Lynne x

  • It's a lot to take on board but you need to get advice on the outlook (depending on whether it's a big or small heart attack and whether they have fixed the plumbing) and the meds you're taking (they may need adjustment). You could phone the cardiac rehab team or the nurses on the CCU to get help.

    Remember that people who have had heart attacks can go on to climb mountains and sail around the world. So think about it more like a broken leg – it just takes a while to get back in action...

  • So sorry you have had to go through this. Yes, feeling extra emotional seems to be part of the healing process. It is quite a shock to go through this kind of experience. One we never expected. For me the biggest thing was for me to just take it sometimes one hour at a time. Things get better with time. Haven't really returned to how I used to be, but have grown into a new me. Accepting the new me has been a challenge, but hey what choice is there but to just move forward. I wish you the very best in your healing process and life.

  • Hi Lynne, I had my heart attack a year ago in Feb 2016 and I'm still somewhat struggling to get back to normally, whatever normally is after a HA.

    I am also having side effects to the medications, such as fatigue, dizziness, and now some chest pains. Doctors and Cardiologist want to put it down to Anxiety, but I can not pin point exact trigger points are.

    But somethings are improving, my dizziness got better when I changed from Ramipril to Peridonpril. So ask your GP or Cardiologist to maybe change some of your medications, as this sometimes is trial and error as everyone reacts differently!

    The cardio rehab was great, the nurses that run the sessions were very supportive, and it was key to build my self confidence.

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