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I suffered a heart attack, a week ago today, I was taken to the we and shocked, bright back and had an angioplasty and a stint placed. I was told my artery was 100% blocked. Never saw it coming. Literally just hit me out of the blue. I spent 4 days in the hospital and have been home since that time. Doing little chores, washing dishes, did some laundry, took a short walk in the neighborhood. Can't get out much, do to nasty weather. I have appts. With my new cardiologist and PvP on Monday. I have always been about 40 lbs overweight. Now I have no appetite. Is that normal? Any input would help.

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  • POOR YOU , i hope you get your appetite back, i couldnt eat for 3 weeks after my 3 stents were fitted but NOT due to those ,mine was a re action to the medication , affecting my stomach, bad pains and upet bowles , not sick,but bad enough having stomach trouble , , i lost 3 stone ,or 42 pounds, in 2 months , my stents fitted 8 months ago- ,feeling good most days ,walk from 3 to 4 miles evcery day ,the distance to the town and back, my meds were reduced ,i take 3 now ,plus asprin ,Clopidogrel ,, Bisoprolol ,, Perindopril , I hope things improve for you Susiizqs2 ,early days yet xx

  • As long as you do not get your appetite back for the same food that put you in hospital. It is more than likely that your food and lifestyle have resulted in your blocked artery but the good news is that these are things you can take in hand and do something about. Read everything you can about heart disease and diet. Start with Dr Esseltyn and his work with HD and diet, good luck. Ling to Esseltyn below


  • Hope you feel well soon.

    It takes a while to get used to & things settle down.

    Push your GP for support, rehab groups, anxiety support, whatever required. I found meeting others, talking & participating highly useful,

    It's 6 months on & I still got bouts of anxiousness & CPR related trauma so be kind to yourself- it will take time.

  • Just relax come to terms with where you are. Alive. The Cardiologist and Rehab will give you a direction. Plan some how to lose that weight and keep walking, weather is just an excuse. Come back to us later tell us how you are doing.

  • I think this is pretty normal..I had the same 5 weeks ago..A surprise event..my heart stopped and I had to be resuccitated...I was out of hospital after 36 hours. Started walking after about a week..am now walking 5 km a day. Life goes on ...the key now is to lose the weight and adjust your lifestyle to give yourself good long term prospects...

    My appetite has come back now though I am finding I think twice about fatty foods..

  • Morning. This might be normal due to the fact of what you have been put though. Although if your concerned about this check with your g.p.

    Good luck

  • Everyone seems to lose their appetite.just try to keep eating as best you can

    . itshouldget easier slowly.good luck.

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