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Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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What is going on ? Cardio- pulmonary neglect /rationing ?

I am concerned that my former surgery of 4 months said they did not deal with the cardio pulmonary when asked for a plan regarding pulmonary hypertension that had not shown up on tests .I had been left without treatment since the cardiac arrest .The same had happened with oedema becoming lipo- lymphedema when Drs refused diuretics for 3 years.

When hospital monitoring apps cannot be transferred when move and the A&E Depts of local hospitals taken away who is monitoring these safety issues.It appears the CQC, MP & GMC don't want to know ? Could it be they use call centres to block?!

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You have to be the assertive consumer I notice a lot.Cant depend on the social media transfers for sure and a good idea to keep an update file to go with you.


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