Recent heart attack

I had a heart attack on 28/11/2016. Non smoker, non drinker, not huge but have the strong family history. Had a stent in and now on all the meds...glad to have found this group. I went out for my first walk and feel no different than before the heart attack. I had a wee cry yesterday as although I knew I had CAD I didn't expect it to hit me so soon. I hadn't even had angina or other symptoms.

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  • Yes.... I know this feeling and emotion. It's horrid. Me too never had any symptoms before and didn't even realise I had an attack. But... I smoked a packet of marlboro's every day for 30 years... so I knew I put myself at risk... but didn't think it would hit me so young. Took me over 2 weeks to get over the guilty feeling and to come to terms with tablets and the fact I have heart disease.... even now 1 month later I still get emotional and cross with myself... good.luck to you though... hope you get better each and every day is a bonus!!

  • Thank you. No point in guilt really. We are alive. My other half had a heart attack aged 48 and he smoked. He is still alive and looking after me just now. He stopped smoking but I believe he would have had the heart problem anyway as his father before him had it. He has an aortic aneurysm and other things. I guess I don't like this feeling of vulnerability.

  • Welcome to the forum , it's a cliche but take it one day at a time . You survived and treet each new day with the respect it deserves.

  • Your post is so very similar to mine. Like you, big family history but I thought I was doing all the 'right things'. Like others have said, take it one day at a time. Mine was at the end of July and I still can't quite take it all in. However, I am doing everything I was doing before now, but just take it carefully, be aware of what your body is saying, it can change daily. Wishing you well.

  • That is kind of you for taking the time to reply. I lived all this heart stuff with my mum and her family and knew it would come to me too. I just wanted a bit longer before I had to deal with it all. My kids realise they may too have this ahead. I am feeling so much better than a week ago. It is good to hear you are doing all you did before. I don't worry about it and will just go with the flow....and try and keep my flow going :-)

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