Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Hi my name is Martin and i live in Ashford kent i have so many things going wrone with me such as ME/coronary heart disease /arthritis /sleep apnea /unstable angina /oedema / copd / i might have not spelt them right but you can get the idea. Haveing so much wrone with me is so hard,i used to go fishing a lot and out on my motorbike but now i can not,yes it makes me fill vrey low but i do not show it to my family or friends i just keep it to myself. I do think why me but then i think of people that are worst than me Martin from ashford kent.

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Hi Martin, so sorry to hear that you have many problems , I feel lucky compared toyou,but it is shocking to discover one has heart problems ,as i did,right out of the blue and not feeling as well again since-April this year , i thought ,, as doctors had told me that once the stents were fitted i would be feeling better than i had in years ,sadly not the cace,i have never felt this bad- i blame the medications , especially since reading the letters on here ,I know well the feelings you have of ,being depessed ,and low , You are brave keeping it to yourself- i cant help telling my sons and daughters that i dont feel well, , but reading mail on here for the first time, i think will change that,it was feeling so alone that made me feel i must tell someone , I wish you well, you are brave , Gill . .

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