Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Hi all,

I was diagnosed with Angina and High Blood pressure back in June 2015 on meds since to control it.

Over this last weekend I have had 4 episodes wher when taking my pulse my machine showed it as 1st, 118 ......second 125 and the last 2 were both 147 beats per min and the machine was saying "VPB TACHYCARDIA " and on 2 other occasions it said Missed Beat, is this normal for anyone else, it seems to be ok today.

Would like to hear from others on this.


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So how did you feel. Was your heart racing or did you feel normal


Hi Andyman,

I could feel the heart racing, had to sit it out, did not last long only about a minute or two but a wierd feeling as you have no control over it and the Breathlessness is terrible.

I do not feel when heart misses a beat but know as feel really sick and want to put my head down like listless a very sudden onset of extream exhaustion.


You should visit your doctor about this. Can be many things and they will have the tests and answers for you.


Thankyou Andyman

Guess I did not want to bòther the doctor as it has only happened 4 times, so feel like a fraud.

I will call the surgery when they open

Thanks again


Andyman forgot to ask if you suffer a heart condition


I had pulse flair up and dizziness. Pulse to 120 many times !. I visited my cardiologist 5 times (all times he said it was not a problem) ! Then I noticed it was happening around noon every time..4 hours after I take my daily heart medication , Coreg (carvedilol) was fairly new , added to my regime about 6 months ago, in place of Toprol. Lasix was also added at that time.It seems that the combo was causing the problem ,so the cardio has me taking the lLasix in the AM and 1/2 of the Coreg at night ,no pulse problems since this change a month ago. I understand your problems , my pulse and dizziness were so disabling I called 911.Do not worry about calling your M.D. That is what you are paying him for! If the heel of my shoe came loose I would go to my shoemaker...That is what he is there for....same as your MD ,better to be safe than get the idea.

Your MD is the same as you and I...he had the desire ,drive ,and ability to go to Med school..You and I didn't , do not worry about seeing him when you have a problem , that is what his job is.


Thankyou Fish61

I am awaiting a call back from the GP, so will go from there. But thanks for your response at least reassured by not being the only one.


Thanks to Andyman and Fish61 I had to see my doctor today who is referred meto Cardiologist as he has said I need to be on a 7 day monitor to see how often and severe the episodes are....Thanks guy's I really appreciate your help x


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