Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack

Heart disease patients can improve heart health with positive emotions

Positive emotions are always good for health. This article strengthen my views more strongly when I read about a healthy heart after heart disease is possible with good emotional health and positive emotions.

Once a heart attack occurs it’s important to take the necessary steps in order to prevent a future episode from occurring. Another important aspect in deterring future heart attacks is proper emotional health. As researchers have found out, positive emotions, too, can play a role in a healthy heart.

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Samira, hi,

Please be very careful when reading this type of web site, remember there is no regulations on any web content on any site; not even on here? Just to show you that anything can be written: DR KEL55 AFTER TEN YEARS OF RESEARCH OF OVER 5000 PATIENTS HAS DISCOVERED THAT HUMANS HAVE THREE HEARTS BECAUSE THERE IS ONE IN EACH BIG TOE! Yes utter dribble and I'm not a doctor! Always check sites out by checking the research of any claims made! Here's one from that site: atherosclerosis causes Coronary Heart Disease, this is not quite true? It is a major cause but not the only one, mind you the BHF always get this wrong but there again they are only interested in cardiovascular interventualism ie blow it up, stent it or bypass it anything else is just given the minimum of lip service - they have said this to me in person!



What it is saying is that if you feel good you are more likely to make lifestyle changes that would help your heart condition.

Seems reasonable. But hardly research just common sense.

BUT as we know picking yourself up after a heart attack is really hard.

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