Urgent: Share your RLS Story

September 23, Dr. Karl Axel Ekbom’s birthday, is marked as International RLS Awareness Day around the globe.

The first known medical description of RLS was by Sir Thomas Willis in 1672. Known to be a keen observer of his patients' symptoms, Willis emphasized the sleep disruption and limb movements experienced by sufferers of RLS. However, it was not until almost three centuries after Willis, in 1945, that Karl-Axel Ekbom provided a detailed and comprehensive report of this condition in his doctoral thesis, Restless legs: clinical study of hitherto overlooked disease. Ekbom coined the term "restless legs" and continued work on this disorder throughout his career. He described the essential diagnostic symptoms, differential diagnosis from other conditions, prevalence, relation to anemia, and common occurrence during pregnancy.

To coincide with International RLS Awareness Day, RLS-UK are asking printed media and television programmes to run pieces on RLS. We need volunteers who would be willing to tell their 'stories', so readers/viewers understand the impact RLS has had on their lives. If you would be willing to be a volunteer, either for a newspaper piece or a television appearance, please email chair@rls-uk.org

Thank you

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  • Sir Thomas Willis was the one who find a track to todays best cure, he gave his patients Laudanum = opium and alkohol. Today morphine is the best solution for us with hard and painful RLD/WED.

  • Brilliant. I didn't know there was a Rls awareness day. It's about time it had some media recognition. Will email my story as every sufferer is different. Cheers Jimeka

  • This is great news. I have e-mailed to say I would gladly be interviewed. Its time the world knew about how bad rls really is.

  • Kim Waller's piece "My name is Restless Legs" printed in newsletter #69 would be an excellent thing to publish as it describes our condition exactly. I will try to think of a "story" and email it.

  • Hi, that was my piece and I would be delighted if it was used x

  • However I wouldn't want to be interviewed, photograph in paper etc!

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