Restless Legs Syndrome
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Wobbly legs, does anybody else get this?

Hi all,

Since about Christmas I have been getting a sudden weakness in my legs, they feel very wobbly like they are made of jelly!

I have just had an instance where I could not make them work at all, and I must admit it scared me.

I had augmentation, according to my Doctor, and he has changed me from Premipexol to Rropinerole recently, I do not feel as well on this drug, but it is controlling the RLS symptoms, although the PLMD is getting worse which is why I went to him in the first place.

I do have disc problems in my spine, and upon reflection, my symptoms started with in a month of steroid injections and I have really deteriorated since this time.

I just do not know if the sudden leg weakness is RLS related or spinal.

I have made an appointment to see my doctor, but I am not too sure what he can do, I have never seen an Orthopeadic specialist, but I have been seen by a neurologist who said nothing can be done for my back, except an operation if I become paralysed, which he seemed to think was inevitable eventually. The operation has only a 20% chance of success. I did not have the RlS at that time, or the PLMD.

It is a horrible feeling, and can happen any time, I am getting afraid to go out alone, as my legs have given way now, although after resting they do feel better again.

Thanks for reading this, I hope you are all doing as well as possible,

A very worried Cazx

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I'm thinking that it's a pinched nerve in the spine. It's important to get

to the doctor asap. It can lead to foot drop and such. Please don't mess

with this. Your history that you just shared is something that I am looking

at with RA. I was told any numbness, weakness or shooting pains means

that I need to get in touch with my doctor.

It seems that it's never as bad as you think it's going to be. Bless you

because you seem like such a kind person and you seem very bright

and willing to share. Keep in touch with the news. =))


I had surgery for that very reason, and I did get drop foot before I had it done. I would seriously talk to my doctor about this.


Thank you both for these answers, I have made an appointment, but if it gets worse, I will make an emergency one and get seen sooner,



How did your appointment go?

You have been in my thoughts and prayers

over this ordeal.


Hi Yikes, same old really, an operation will not be performed until I am paralysed basically, he did put me back on Premipexole, I did not get on well with Ropinerol, and he upped my beta blockers to 5mg day.



Hi Cabaz

I can get weakness in the legs through RLS and pulling and tugging. Nice to hear from you. x


Pulling and tugging in RLS?

Oh that's not good at all Peterk..

What's that all about according to your doctor? =)

*if you care to share that*

I like to know this stuff just in-case I start getting those

symptoms. Usually I go running to the doctor immediately

when I have added symptoms..they come on so severe

when they do.


Hi peter,

I have been to my Doctor, and he says that nothing can be done, but I must be very careful, as if I have an operation, which will only be done as an emergency, due to the danger of permanent paralysis, I may not walk again, and t is my spine, not the restless legs, although, I believe they are linked as I wake in the night in such terrible pain now in my legs.

It is great to hear from you too, I hope life is treating you kindly!

Thank you all for your help, I shall just have to continue on and hope not to get too much worse, it is scary, but I will try to be careful, at the same time, I am going out and doing what I want with in reason, I refuse to wrap myself in cotton wool!




What a heavy burden to carry.. and such a disappointing

answer from your doctor..

Do you have a narrowing of the spine or is it an arthritis

that's irritating your nerve?

Is there anything that I (we) can help you search for information?


I have both, as well as Degenerative Disc Disease, if you should come across any new info, I would be thrilled and so honoured for you to pass it on, thank you so much Yikes, I feel no one really understands at home, so this site is a lifeline.

Hugs Cazx


Hi Caz

I have osteoporosis but I am very sad indeed to hear of this news. As Yikes has said that is an incredibly difficult situation but you sound like to me that you are definately doing the right thing by going out and doing what you want to do. I am not very confident about a trip to Sweden next month. I am going for a few days to see the Eurovision Song Contest. It is at night when my symptoms are at their worst. However your situation is inspiring and I just wish there was something that I could do. You are coping with the situation incredibly well. I feel that I don't really cope with mine terribly well and it does restrict me. My doctor, by increasing this drug, is still trying to improve my symptoms so I am grateful that the doctor hasn't given up. I wish you well. It is good to hear from you but your news has made me sad and I do feel for you. Peter x


I am so glad that you are going away, Peter, and what fun, to the Eurovision song contest. I think it is very brave, I always think twice about going away, or even going out, I just do everything I can to make things easier, and then go for it!

I was told when I was 16, that if I danced, ran , had children, and led anything other than a sedentary life, I would be in a wheelchair by 40 at the latest, well BS to that Doctor, he should not have said it to a minor, I was alone as my mother could not be there. I walked away, and made up my mind then that I would do all I wanted first!

I am 53 now, and I am not in one yet. It does scare me, but, as I said I try not to let it stop me.

More pure bloody mindedness than anything else. I feel for you Peter, my problems at night are bad too. I am so glad you have a great Doctor too.

I Hope you have the most brilliant time away, I would like to hear about it when you get back,

Hugs Cazx


I woke slot earlier than usual and hopped out of bed very fast and now I've had wobbly legs for an hour now IDK if this helps


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