Has anyone any experience of Zyban?

Hi, I was interested to know if anyone here has any experience of taking the a-d Zyban (Wellbutrin/Buproprion)? I have a chronic illness (aside from rls) that I need a lift out of now, (tried all the self-help stuff, but need to be work-ready very soon.) My Dr offered citalopram and I politely refused, but couldn't remember the anti-depressant that had a glimmer of hope with RLS. Now I've found out from the brilliant rlshelp.org that this is the name, Zyban. If anyone has info thoughts, as ever, I'd appreciate the opinions and info. Thank you x

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  • netdoctor.co.uk/smoking-ces...

    im brother used this to help him stop smoking ? read the link genorm

  • Genorm....are you in the UK....I've been trying to get this off my doc in the UK. But it's not used as an antidepressant in the UK. .( see my blog ...bupropion) I've even been in touch with glaxosmithkline to see if they could help. It can be given off label but your doc has to take responsibility and mine won't. I'm on cipralex which has made my rls worse. But it's improved my well being a million percent. You could give it a try ...it doesn't affect everyone,s rls... So I control the rls with co codamol....about 2 a day and they help me sleep!

  • Just to add its a different strength as an anti d than when it's used for stopping smoking.

  • That's what I am on the bupropion works great

  • Genorm, i hope your doctor will allow you to try Wellbutrin, if you are in the UK.

    By the way, i love your profile pic of sooty waving his magic wand...now if only we all had a magic wand which would rid us of RLS, wouldnt that be great...!!

  • well its a new one on me, let us know if you find it helps genorm

  • I tried it but unfortunately it made my RLS worse..you can only know by trying..strangely Lexapro works for me with Tramadol at nite

  • Thanks everyone for your input. (Yes dragon, I'm in UK). I'm back at the Drs in 3 weeks, so I'll post again with what happens. I've had a bad reaction to the iron tablets also (what else?!), so I need to get rehydrated and settle down before any infusion or injections of iron are considered. Don't really fancy either.

    btw elisse, yes, sooty was always a hero of mine (way back in the mists of time). He needs to wave that magic wand right now. Izzy, wizzy, legs get fizzy (sorry) x

  • How did your bad reaction to the ferrous sulphate tablets show itself ( symptoms???)

  • Good luck with your doctor....if you get some it will give me a bit more leverage with mine maybe. Although my ssri has made my rls worse its been amazing for my depression....

  • daisyw, before when I had to take iron after an op, I was constipated. This time it was completely the opposite - really intense diarrhea, stomach cramps & hot & cold sweats. Dr changed the ferrous fumarate to sulphate, and I swapped 2 tabs for 1, with and without food, but no change, so I'm off the oral iron at the moment. The one thing that seemed to be helping a little with sleep too. Ah well. I still want to try another iron route again. Anything that may reduce the rls, I'll try.

  • I am on bupropion and it works great. You have to be on it a week or 2 before quit date..i take 2 a day

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