Restless Legs Syndrome
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Has anyone experience the RLS stopping for no reason?

As I type this it's 21:27 GMT and my legs AREN'T kicking! They normally would be by now. In my naive stupidity I'm beginning to wonder if the RLS has stopped... Fortunately the sensible part of me says "don't take the risk!" and so I've taken three tabs (I normally take five now), just in case. Seriously, has anyone out there suffered from RLS for years and then it suddenly stopped, even for a short period? All the best, Tpebop, Kent, Britain.

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Hello Tpedop

I have read that people do get remissions from RLS. I have had the condition chronic for 12 years and mine has never been in remission. Still I live in hope. I hope you are in remision. Best Wishes


Thanks Peter. Yes, you guessed it the RLS has returned. That being said it started much later than normal. The only difference I can see is that I had a headache earlier, took two paracetamol at lunch time, then, when that didn't work two ibruprofen in the evening. To those with more knowledge than me: do painkillers reduce RLS in some way? Cheers, Tpebop, Kent, Britain.


I have heard of people having remission from their RLS, its never happened to me...sigh.

Painkillers can work for RLS, depending on how severe the RLS is, depends on how strong a painkiller you would need. Ibuprofen doesnt touch mine.

You could just be having a weird RLS day, and it started later than usual...RLS can be so unpredictable.


When I was younger I would have rls for a few weeks then it would go for a few months. It gradually got more frequent with age. I've always used painkillers to control it. Nothing else. Ibuprofen used to work well then. Paracetamol plus with codeine works. Now I get prescription co codamol.from my doctor.


I find that my RLS goes in irregular cycles so for a few days it is not too bad then it goes through a bad spell where it can start in the middle of the day. I have tried to work out if it is what I am doing - but no.

I take Ropinorole and use 2 mg Neupro patches. Recently due to severe irritation from the patches I have tried spacing them out more. They are supposed to only last 24 hours, but I leave them on for about 36. Strangely my RLS seems to have been a bit better. I may try going onto alternate 1 mg/2 mg patches.

It is such an unquantifiable condition that it seems almost impossible to work out what really works (or doesn't)!

I live in Kent too - Hadlow :)


I think quiet a few of us experience this really, a quiet lull and then wallop its back again, mine is like that mostly when im stressed, but thankfull, not had any for a while now, cleared out a lot of things i dont needed to give me breathing space, and took up a couple of hobbys, calmed me down, plus now i have a family member to look after so, i find if im busy but not stressed, it takes my mind of it a lot, and helping someone else has its rewards to


mine has always been stop/start. I have gone several years with little or no symptoms and then something will kick it off. My latest round only lasted 10 days, very severe and no sleep at all. But had a back op and lots of meds for pain which I stopped after op and that was probably too much for my system so RLS kicked in. This time round I found Magnesium Phosphate help enormously and I put the cessation of RLS down to that. I have no RLS now and do not take any meds and long may it last. Other periods of RLS have coincided with stress and other factors and can last for months. I think I'm on the outer ring of sufferers and not typical until it starts that is... Look in detail at what you did the day it receded, all food intake, activities, and so on, it may have some bearing.

Hope this time without RLS lasts for you.


I thank anything could help us all with neuropathic pain and rls itself, I have the same symptoms most sufferers do, it may go for several days and kick with no warning but had never gone for good.

point : when it is gone I still have numbness in both legs


Numbness in your feet or legs?

It interests me how the two may be connected..

I have a little numbness in my toes, feet and then

I get stinging, burning pain on the tops of my feet..

My medicines may be to blame. I am due to talk to

my doctor for medicine refills. This will be the first

time that I bring up the feet sensations, lack of...


Numbness in my feet as you described yours Yikes, that stinging, burning pain on the tops of my feet may kick me after midnight or during a day ( off regular basis ).

How often the pain bothers you ?


i get a pulling burning pain in my feet with rls, had it checked and no neuropathy, but it reall is quite nasty when it starts, no numbness tho


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