Modern Anti-depressant medication and old types

There is a discussion in another thread about how these medications affect people. Some can make the user agitated, which is awful. Been there etc.. I take Cipralex 5mg at night as well as a beta-blocka and mainly cope on a day-to-day basis. Without either I would not get out of bed!

Amitriptalyene is not as far as I know an SSSR ........ so please don't knock it when comparing it with the more up-to-date medications for these conditions. Valium was given on a regular basis but the brain became used to maintenance doses so the user required more and more and it then became difficult to stop taking it without careful, supervised guidance on withdrawal.

I was given it to help facial neuralgia, it did absolutely zilch and the acute stabbing pains continued for weeks :-(.

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  • I was prescribed amitriptyline from mid 2008 until end of 2012. Doseage varied in that time between 10/50mg pd. My main drug for RLS at the time was Ardartrel - and I had a very bad time with augmentation periods/v bad sleep and overall poor mood/outlook. I was advised by a Neuro Consultant (speciality - movement disorders) to cease taking amitriptyline and having taken his advice I am so much better - mood, sleep,augmentation much reduced. I have not replaced the amitriptyline with another drug - I don't need to,as I am coping with RLS,somuch better with 4mg p/d Ripinirole and 2 mg p/d of Clonezpam.

    So I have no regrets and wish that my GP had never prescribed it - no matter how well meaning his intent.

  • GPs seem to want to try things that have worked for others - for all conditions. Sadly medication can be a Trial and Error process as we *are* all different in how we react to medications. This is what I found so tiring and at times, scarey! not knowing if/when a particular med would/not work. :-(

  • I too take honestly saved my life! It has made my rls worse but i cope with co usually helps.

    i was given ativan for depression when i was about 18...god that was scary..I took 2 and lost a whole day...I was at college when I took thing I remember i was in bed at home 40 miles away!!!!! no idea how i got there!!!!

  • Ativan is a pre-med and can, if given daily, become addictive <rolls eyes>, my Dad was given it in the 1980s for manic depression.

    Thanks for the inputs!

  • The SSRI's and the tricyclics (amitryptiline) are generall not good for RLSer's. There is always the excerption as with any med and any RLSer. Amitrypitiline, was the worst med I have ever been on as far as excerbating my RLS. I was literaly ready to jump a cliff, and then I found out what RLS was/is and found that was oner of the worst meds I, personally , could be on. lists all the SSRI's and tricyclics as well as other meds that may make your RLS worse. Also the list of "Drugs and Foods to Avoid" is priceless, generally speaking as usual. Most of us have been on one med or another, some work, some do not, it depends o how severe your rLS is, and other factors.

  • Hi first I would like to say thank you to the all for the replies and warm welcome I received. When I attended the pain clinic I was told that I should try Amitriptyline . I did try to explain I had on more then one occasion try Amitriptyline without success of any relieve. It made the pressure in the nerves of my legs worse, it was a complete nightmare, I was in tears. I was then promptly told IMPOSSIBLE and that Amitriptyline cannot make my legs worse. I repeated myself but the reply I got was the same. Having already been told that I'm still here ,after saying I have had it for many years so Its evidently not life threatening. I was left speechless , a day I will never forget . So what am I being told ? its all in my mind ? Tomorrow or should I say today as the time now is approx. 4am I have an appointment to see my GP. Believe me I'm not looking forward to it. Suffering from clinical depression I feel now I wont be heard at all.. I keep repeating myself , that my depression is because my RLS is getting me down. Something else that has been said to me , When your depressed it can exacerbate aches and pains and yes that's true.. As a retired Auxiliary Nurse with 32yrs experience I have heard it all before. Now I feel like screaming MY DEPRESSION IS BECAUSE OF MY RLS. each and everyday . So I will tell my GP about this web site and how it has helped me so much. I shall also mention what I have read about Amitriptyline.

  • Oh sleepless...I do hope you get somewhere with your gp....I understand totally what you are saying. It's so hit and miss with the medical thing I've found is that young gp.s seem to be more understanding. They still have the keeness to learn more. Older GPS can be a bit......well I've done this for years and I know everything. It's a bit of a generalised statement I know but it's what I found at my practice...

  • Please let us know how you get on x

  • Just like to say how i agree with that statement Dragon, my normal GP just listened, nodded in the right places and then just upped my dose of Pramipexole without really showing any genuine interest, he is nearing retirement! When he wasn't available, i saw a much younger GP who was enthusiastic but admitted he didn't know much about it (previous post about half an hour on the subject at Med school!) but he was keen to learn and referred me to a neurologist and has followed up since so yes i totally agree.

    Hope you get some positive answers and help for your situation Sleepless.

  • That's brilliant Steve .so glad you got somewhere. Younger souls are still keen to learn and haven't yet got too disillusioned with life!!!!! I was once told by an older gp ...don't have a clock in your bedroom....that was his best advice!

  • I have to admit and call in co-incidence but after I finished re-decorating my 10 yr olds bedroom from pink fairy princess to cream and brown adult (what a change for a 10 yr old going on 18!!!) I gave her my bedside CD/alarm player as hers was old and covered in paint from years of borrowing it to listen to while i worked! I meant to get another but 4 weeks later I still haven't. I use my phone for an alarm when i need to and if I really want to know the time I have to sit up and squint at my wifes alarm, which most of the time i can't be bothered to do. Result - I have slept the best in the last few weeks than I have ever done for years. Is it co-incidence or purely that I am reacting better to my split dose of pramipexole I am on now. I wonder........

  • oh.....thats interesting.....maybe i should give it a go!!!!!!!!

  • Hi, yesterday saw GP and shall we say reluctantly, finally, gave in and is referring me to a Neurologist . So many of your statements are completely true, the older GP does not always take notice.Sometimes as I'm talking I just look at there face (that's when of course the head stops nodding ) and I think to myself NOT INTERESTED. I just hope the Neurologist is older but wiser . I myself payed for a private consultation approx 13yrs ago to see this chap, recommended by a nursing colleague. Told me straight he new very little about RLS but expected that's what it could be . Prescribed Ropinirole and again new little about this medication . Asked me to write and let him know how I got on, Ha!. Think he got that wrong, I never did write . Never had the time anyway. Working then full time, on permanent night duty is no joke . Worn out most of the time and days off always to busy. Been on Tabs ever since, but over the years GP has increased dosage 2mg morning 2mg night. Getting back to the Neurologist, thought he had retired yrs ago he must be getting on. Anyway another step forward I suppose , I shall remain optimistic..This web site has been so helpful, you are all so supportive of each other and its really appreciated. I read all my replies, A big thank you to everyone.

  • Hi sleepless, god I feel for you. I've been there. It's so difficult to explain to others that why would you not be depressed. You don't sleep and this makes life so very difficult. It'.s impossible to cope when your're without sleep for weeks.

    I have had depression for years so have no choice but to take anti-depressants, my life is totally unbearable without them. I'm not addicted to them, my upbringing and life events have made this necessary. I hate the fact that they are called 'happy pills'. They are not pills that make you happy or knocked off, they just enable me to function. I can get out of bed and live a vaguely normal life. Not just the pills I also have to use CBT tools as well. Even a 'good day' requires a lot of work. I do my utmost to 'think positively'. It just gets tiring ad this disorder does not help. Godd luck to you.

  • Hey Sleepless, I am so sorry to hear of your ongoing rls. I know what you mean about medical people saying such ridiculous things. A specialist (not a neurologist of course) told me to 'concentrate on more important issues', when I mentioned rls in the context of my overall health. Then it was, 'have you tried tiring your legs out before bedtime?' Aargh. This was so maddening and infuriating and hurtful too. I wanted to scream out, '...but my rubbish recovery is due to the rls, thats why I'm here, for help!' Currently I am bombing out each night, which I realise only masks my legs and know this cannot continue, as I'm due to return to work next month. We all need to sleep, but the medical world needs to wake up! Sleepless, I really hope your gp will be open to the superb information from this site. Good luck.

  • Well said Portia! I have to take ADs for Life, a low maintenance dose: plus betablockas: mean that DH and I have a Life together rather than my staying in bed shivering with fear and him watching on anxiously.

    Modern ADs are non-addictive. This doesn't mean that they don't need to be weaned gradually if a patient has to stop/alter the types of medication they take. The brain is an organ which like others in the body, requires support. It took me a long time to accept this


    We all need sleep. Of course. This is why sleep deprivation is used as a torture method :-(.

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