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"Addiction" re: tramadol (repost)

Confusing addiction with dependence and/or tolerance:

If tramadol relieves someone's symptoms, of course they'll become dependant on it because RLS never goes away. And a lot of medications, over a long period of time, will lead to tolerance build up, requiring the user to increase their dose to get the same effect. Addiction, however, causes abuse (or vice versa). There is nothing inherent about tramadol or RLS that would lead someone to abuse it after taking it for a long period of time. I repeat, needing to take it to relieve legitimate symptoms (dependence) or needing to increase a therapeutic dose (tolerance) is perfectly fine. Tramadol by itself will not cause someone to take more than necessary (or more often than necessary). That's abuse. That's addiction. And that's person specific.

(reposting this as a new thread because it seems the issue/confusion comes up a lot)

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of course in some respect I agree with you we need it so its

Not abuse as it is prescribed

It's got nothing to do with abuse,

If you take strong medication, even if you don't abuse it

You will become addicted through no thought of your own,

of course we build up a tolerance and yes it is fine but if

We build up a tolerance the dose will have to increase as it

Stops to work

Try stopping them and you will get the same withdrawel as

A drug addict.

I did not start this topic, and I don't need advice from you I

Work with it every day.

If you read what I put in that people need not worry as there

GP would advise them if or when the time came.

I'm not, and was never suggesting that taking tramadol would

Cause someone to take more than they need.

I take in total 800mg a day I know if I stopped I would be in

Trouble I don't care as I coukd not survive the day without.

I am not trying to scare any one I was merely replying to s

Silly man who gave a warning about tramadol.

So as I said I don't need advise from you its my job



I would just like to say to you that at no time did I suggest

Anyone was abusing any drugs

I am so angry I'm shaking


You should calm down. I have no idea why you think this post was specifically meant for you. If meant for anyone in particular, that would be basil123. But you're still confusing dependence with addiction anyway, so whatever.

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Well think what you like it's just words which mean the same

I have been working with addiction for more years than I care

To remember, and a lot are women like us.

Maybe you do as well,


If your reply was meant for me, I do apologize... I'm trying very hard not to give any advice on here anymore.


ookla, you keep giving your advice. We need people who give advice on here, if anyone doesnt want to take notice of what advice is given, then thats up to them. We can only do our best when trying to help. :)


thank you very much for the kind words, greatly appreciate it! :)


I have always found your advice very helpful ookla

Please dont be put off coming on here we would miss you.!


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