Which Anti-depressant tablets do not make RLS worse?

Hi everyone, Happy New Year to you all.

I have been prescribed 2 x 10mg Amitriptylene tablets for my depression. I told the doctor that I had RLS and that I knew some anti-depressant tablets can make RLS worse, she said that the ones she had prescribed would be OK but I find they are aggravating my legs. Does anyone know of an anti-depressant that they know will not aggravate my legs. I am also taking 2 x 0.5mg Clonazepam at night. I would appreciate if anyone could help before I go back to my Doctor on Thursday for a review. Thank you.


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  • Amitriptylene is one of the worse anti-d's for making RLS worse, there are exceptions to the rule.

    But seems you are one of those who cant take them.

    Look at the treatment page at this website, its one of the best website's for RLS, rlshelp.org you will see all the anti-d's which are best avoided. There is only one which doesnt seem to make RLS worse, the name slips my memory, but its on the treatment page.

  • Thank you Elisse. I have found the answer, the name is "Trazodone". That website is fantastic, Thank you so much for your help I will go to the Doctor fully informed. Bless you.

  • I was on Citalopram twice last year and each time my RLS was bad at night. I was also on Fluoxetine (20mg) for a few months and this did not make it worse.

    I do hope you manage to find something that suits you very soon.

    Very best wishes & a very Happy New Year.

  • Thank you Fazer, I found one called Trazodone this does not worsen RLS, so I will try this.

    Thanks for your help and wish you a Happy New Year too.

  • I'm taking cipralex which is an ssri. It has made my rls much worse . I take codeine to get a break from the rls. It's a matter of deciding ( for me) on a balance etween the rls and depression. I feel I need the anti d at the moment. The only anti d I have heard of that does not aggravate rls is bupropon which is not generally prescribed in the uk. I am still trying to find a way round this as its not NHS approved. Does anyone have any ideas?

  • I have just found out that "Trazodone" is the best option for me and I will be able to obtain this in the UK. Hope this helps you too.

    Thank you thedragon and once again Happy New Year to all us sufferers of RLS.

  • Oooo i,ll have a look at that.....Thankyou....happy new year to you too. And to everyone x x

  • Hi There. It was suggested that I take amitrptyline for sleep as I have virtual insomnia with RLS. However if you look at my question many stated that it either started their RLS or made it much worse. Even someone came up to me in the chemist to tell me this. I don't know about anti depessants though was on citalopram for years. That one made my mood extremely low. I had urine retention with reboxetne and was in hospital so I don't take any now. Don't take that one though.

  • I do wish you luck at your doctor's and a very happy new year to you.

  • Thanks Peterk for your experience. You think that the Doctor would know better especially when I told her that I had RLS and that some Anti-depressants would make it worse. She said this will be OK and I won't have problems.

    I appreciate all your help and advice and hopefully I will be sorted in a couple of days time.

    Many thanks to you all. God bless and a may 2013 be a great year for us all. xx

  • Hi Glamourcat

    I think doctors know very little about RLS, the physical pain it can cause, and the impact upon our lives. I had to ill health retire from work because of it. I have painfal RLS and am taking tramadol, oxycontin, pregabalin, and clonazepam for the faciculations. A doctor wanted to change pregabalin to carbermazapine but when I researched it that would reduce the pain killing qualities of tramadol. The same doctor offered me amitryptyline. No expert but I wouldn't take it. Citalopram made my RLS worse and my mood very low. A lot of anti depressants do make RLS worse but I believe amitryptyline is the worst to offer. Let us know how you get on. RLS is a constant battle.

  • I take Fluoxetine and I find, if I take my RLS meds appropriately, it doesn't make the RLS worse. Good luck and happy new year folks x

  • I'm on amitriptryline for 7months it helped with my other syndrome but rls got more frequent, I also take tramadol and a few weeks ago rheumatologist also gave me pramipexole for rls,I feel better but still need to ajust the dose. good luck and wish everyone a great new year. X

  • When I had bad nerve twithing in calf for several days I tried some multivitamins which seemed to have stopped it. Few nights ago started again so once more went back on multivitamins and just about settled again. Dr no advice thats why took multivits. Lucky didnt get to painful state just annoying and disturbing.

  • Does zoloft aggravate RLS? As far as you now....? Never thought of that.. I've been on Zoloft since RLS Day One

  • Oh wow, you found your trigger!!!! You lucky man you. I've heard Wellbutrin is better. Let us know how it goes. So happy for you xx

  • Yes Very Badly !

  • Tcho, If my antidepressant is my trigger, Wellbutrin isn't my answer. I have a seizure condition, Wellbutrin isn't a possibility. Damn! But thanks for the clue. Buspar didn't do much for me, positive or negative.

    I've been sidetracked this morning checking out Kratom, and trying to get an idea on the cost of a cannabis preparation,

    Cost is the key to the success on any home remedy 'cure' I'm reading on Oaksterdam.

    There are going to negatives for any treatment we find. Cost is at the top of the list. Kratom is associated with Liver Damage. I've used Pot successfully before when I had Trigeminal Varicella Shingles with Pain at a level that has no number, because Shingles Pain never plateaus, RLS and Shingles Pain aren't comparable, but I learned how to purchase, selectively, use the noble weed. I feel safe with it,

    Though, thanks for the tip about Wellbutrin, that gives me a place to start. It takes a long time to focus searches. There is so much information, so many success claims.

    I know two people who've used marijuana butter on their legs to inhibit RLS, successfully. Pot sites refer to using Tinctures

    I'm off to follow The White Rabbit

  • Yes, but if your RLS started with the day you started Zoloft then stopping/changing to another anti-anxiety med might stop your RLS altogether?

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