Restless Legs Syndrome
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How Do You Feel ?

Regarding to RLS, it looks to me, no matter what kind of medicine I am taking for my RLS, my RLS would be doing it's job. what job !?, well, I may feel fine for several days even in bed but I also may have the wave pulses kind of pain in my left, right or both feet, all day long.

I was wondering if I could be fine for few days, then why I can't be fine and stay there for longer period ?

Looks to me, meds and medical science are helpless to find the right answer for RLS :)

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shame how RLS affect us all in different ways and how medication works in different ways for all of us guess that's one reason they've not found a cure who knows............ hmm....

wish i could have a day or two off with RLS :( can't remember last time i did ,

is strange how it goes when you can be fine for a few days then RLS kicks in again like you i would have thought you'd get it all the time ,,

hope your RLS not to bad tonight and you get sleep


Thanks dear gypsy

Actually when i said, i am fine for few days, i meant i can tolerate it's pain with no need of walking and moving around and could have some sleep with not much of bothering pain. I wish to sea a day we all could kick RLS out of our life. :)


Not happy about this I must say!!!!!!!



I totally agree about that and I would add this might be a sign of testing our challenging power to find a cure and as you said because it is not known as life threatening, researchers do not get enough support .


Tallula, I totally agree with you, it's sad that there is no cure for us and that there probably is no money for research, people are not going to die on RLS. So we live, each of us, as good as we can with this problem and try to cope and struggle each day and night. I wish you all the best!!


My uncle did the same many years ago, so sad and so crazy that something that you cannot even describe as pain can make your life so unbearable.

We do need I believe to shout louder and bother the doctors more but i think because of the attitude by many professionals a lot of us have been battered into feeling that we are crying about nothing...but yes it is life threatening


It is an odd one....if you've got have it till it goes. Maybe there is a lot more involved than just the brain chemicals ....I'm sure mine is worse when I'm in a bad place in my heart wants to run away so my legs do it instead! It's a very complicated thing the human!


Wel I agree: stress is really bad for my RLS, also when I'm in a bad mood or people anoying me then the RLS is very teasing.


Stress definitely affects RLS. I remember years ago I was having tips put in my hair with those close fitting caps and everytime the hair was pulled through the cap the pain caused my RLS to start. So stress and pain definitely affects it. I asked my Dr the same question, why does sometimes the medication not work and others it's fine he said that sometimes the condition just overides the medication


Hi Rahim, that's the most frustrating thing, if you can get it one day why not the next or one arm why not the other or legs and not arms? seems to be no rhyme nor reason to it and the sensations are so varied, mine at the moment is in my arms and is a sort of pulsing/dragging feeling and all I want to do is punch each arm! warm baths help but you can't stay in the bath all day but I have spent many a night there!

Stress is a factor I'm sure and so for me is red wine but why i can sometimes only have it in one arm makes no sense at all...



Hello dear Marie

It looks like all the experts and neurologists have left us in a dark room :(


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