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How can I thank you all


How can I even begin to thank all the dozens of RLS people who wrote me in response to my "Sad" post. I am truly humbled that there are so many wonderful people out there who reached out to me when I was about all the way down. I survived the holiday and things look brighter because I know I'm not alone and that there are kind people who understood. We are all so lucky to have this forum and if we continue to support each other, maybe some day there will be a solution for us all. I am so grateful and love you all. Soupy

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I'm so glad that you feel a bit better. We all go through really bad periods which are hard to bare. Wish you a very Happy New Year and hope healthy one

what is that you followed in order to get your RLS pain reduced? or simply joining forum your paind reduced?Iam interested in knowing the adise or medicines you took.


Hi soupy, good to hear you are feeling brighter. Anytime you feel so down, then this is the place to come to. We might not have a magic answer for you, but we sure can give our support in buckets full. Any questions you have i will try to help you. :)

Hi Soupy! So good to hear that you are doing bit better.We have all been there and understand 100%.We just have to be there for each other.I was where you were a few years ago and 2 members on here literally saved my life. Remember knowledge is power, learn as much as you can to enable you to make the right choices.Then you can pay it on and you will be the one supporting the next desperate person .

I was where you were about a month or so ago and found this forum by accident as I was searching for answers or information on rls and several on here let me know I wasn't alone. There are bad days and good ones and I find I am having many more good ones than bad. I have been on Horizant for a little over a month after coming off Mirapex which I was on for about 15 years. I didn't know mirapex caused augmentation until I joined this forum. Now I undetstand. I feel I have to educate the doctors I see as they don't have a clue. We need one another here. I am so thankful for the support I have received on here. It does get better.

Hi soupy33now. Hope you are on the way up again.

I also get times when RLS is so bad and other times I can just about cope.

It's so hard when you are exhausted through lack of sleep. Keep on to your GP.

good luck. keep taking meds.

Please when you're feeling really low, let someone know about it. And try to remember the story about "Pandora's Box", and how even though there were all these horrible things in the world, that at the bottle of the box, the box that Pandora had opened from curiosity, and from wh I choose she has let loose all of the plagues and horrors of the world, at the bottom of the box, still, was HOPE.

Correction: ...that at the bottom of the box, the box that Pandora had opened from curiosity, and from which she had let loose all of the plagues and horrors of the world, at the bottom of the box, still, was HOPE.

soupy33now in reply to camillen

Hi I always wondered about that box of Pandora's. Unfortunately, her discovery was a little too late. Kind of like Eve and that darn apple. Here's to HOPE anyway.


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