How do you do "it"??

So i was jus thinking about triggers for pain episodes and i kno a big trigger for me is illness and then i started reflecting on ways to keep my pain eps to a minimum (mind u minimum for me means four hours of pain instead of ten) one way i have tried to keep stress to a minimum is to filter my thoughts... i can get anxious over nearly anything so what i need to do is decide whether an intrusive thought is worth struggling with right then and there...if i decide that i don't need to worry unnecessarily about something i visualize putting my problem in a boat and pushing it down the river....i say to myself..."I'm not thinking about that right now.... i dont need to worry about that...i am safe i am not in trouble my feet are on the ground the wind is in my face my hands are touching the pram...etc...i dont kno why or how but this really helps calm and clear my what are ways u help u keep well...besides meds...i hv also started a wheat free diet for sixty days to see if changing my diet helps....i cant make plans...i dont get out much because my pain eps are so frequent but i keep sain by painting...crafting...baking and gardening...what do u do??

And u thought i meant "it"

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  • Hiya 🙌 I love listening to music .

  • I too love music...especially in the car where i hv been known to sing and chair dance and yes i kno ppl can see me but no i dont

  • Gratitude, mindfulness and music as others have said if you can't sing sing anyway, if you have the crazy legs dance! If you can play an instrument you are flying!

    But on a deeper level wheat and dairy free diet seem to help a bit. I try and occupy myself as much as my body/mind will allow and try to meditate if the restlessness lets me, (if anyone can tell me how to meditate when my whole body is jiggling and restless I'm all ears).

    I find coming on here learning from others and helping others a big benefit to me too.

  • Maybe try meditate in a bath?? I cant meditate ( or more likely dont kno how to properly ) i end up panicking that i cant breath... the more i concentrate on my breathing the less oxygen i feel im

  • Just breathe don't change the speed or depth of your breath there are also guided ones:

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