who wants to see links to "spinal cord excitability" in people with RLS?? :) putting it here instead of in the 48 responses on "Dopamine"

I am putting the links here, so they do not get buried in that question and all the responses under the "Dopamine" question.

1. "Excitability of Spinal Flexor Reflex" ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/107...

2. "Reflex Testing Reveals Circadian variation of Spinal Excitability in RLS Patients"


3. "Electrophysiology in RLS" mdvu.org/emove/article.asp?...

Those are 3 links to what I was saying about spinal chord excitability in people with RLS, which is found through reflex tests and sleep studies.

These will get you started. In my search engine I put "spinal chord excitability RLS ". All these links and many, many more will pop up. I have more, but on my old computer which is not accessible at this time. ;)

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  • Thanks for the links, i am sure members will find them interesting to read. :)

  • one would think so, since some have been asking for them for a few days. Like I said there are tons, and I am sorry I was sick for a week. ;)

  • I certainly have found this interesting. Worth printing off to let dubious GP's know that RLS is not a figment of the imagination and that there is on-going research.

  • Thank you for saying Thank you. :) This stuff can take a lot of time, so the appreciation is appreciated. ;)

  • it's all the same, and sometimes you have to try different phrases to get the search results. ;)

  • There is spinal fluid in your spinal CORD, so it's all connected when "googling" this subject.

  • it is excitability of the spinal fluid in the spinal CORD, so either is correct. But, you are WELCOME. :)

  • Many thanks nightdancer for doing that , I very much appreciate it! I'll have a good read over the weekend. Stuck with 10 hour shifts at the moment. I didn't use those exact words when I searched. ( just to be a bit pedantic....it's spinal cord...not chord.......that's music....ha ha ,sorry). But Thankyou for your time.!

  • whatever. We do not worry about spelling here. ;)

  • We do not criticize, name or shame here. And, yes, I would LOVE the edit button. It is great to have one at times, because I assume your brain is fuzzy at times also, especially when I have 6 groups of people asking me for things. Again, you are welcome as ALWAYS.

  • So, when you lose sleep, and are sleep deprived your brain is NEVER "fuzzy"? It depends on how much sleep your losing. After 4 or 5 nights of no sleep, trust, me, you will "fuzz up" at some point or another. How long have you had RLS? :)

  • If we are losing sleep maybe "fuzzing up" is not the term you wnat to use. But, whatever which way you want to say it, sleep deprivation does affect brain function at times, even just a little. It may not hit you head on that you are fuzzy, but lack of sleep will affect all of us at one time or another, even if we do not realize it. We do have a neurolgically related movement sleep disorder. If you do not get "fuzzyz' then you are ceratinnly one of a kind, because once you lose sleep in the sleep bank, it cannot be redeposited. just thinkin' :)

  • hmmmmmm... hardly important. I play the piano and guitar, so I DO know what music is. I assume your brain does get fuzzy at times also?? Thank you and you are welcome.

  • You are welcome, and that is a bit pedantic, to totally agree with you. But, not that it matters. We are all sleep deprived and fuzzy here. ;)

  • I think we need to remember that we can all make spelling mistakes when typing, edit button or not. When in a hurry, or we are sleep deprived or we are not feeling so good. I know i am not the best for spelling words sometimes. So we need to give people a little lea way. :)

  • or you can ignore it, because we` are all in the same RLS boat here.

  • There you go then....just as i said... we all make mistakes.... :)

  • Lee Way two distinct words! From ex ferry skipper.

  • All right. That is enough of the spelling lesson, please. Let's TRY to stay on subject, or at least close to it? Thank you, and you are welcome once again. ;)

  • Ok subject open again...many thanks for the links...I`ve finally got time to sit and have a peruse!...Really interesting..I see what I was not understanding! Its testing they are doing on the spinal nerves and the results. Nothing to do with the actual fluid! The medial plantar nerve is interesting cos when I look at where it runs, its actually all the points where I get the RLS sensations in my feet! Maybe if I get the nerve cut??????

    That Wiley online Library is AWESOME!!!!! thats going to keep me busy for ages..have you seen how many subject are on there!!!!!!

  • Although spinal reflexes are partly controlled by dopamine...we are back where we started!!!

  • we always are. ;)

  • And, they do call it excitability of the spinal fluid "during a sleep study" for people with RLS.

  • Thank you so much for this, Nightdancer, I have been trying to check this out since being told by a specialist that I have a hypersensitive spine, but could not work out how to word it.

    You are very much appreciated, and I hope you are feeling much better.


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