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I have suffered with RLS for the last 40 years to varying degrees. I have tried various "cures", these range from quinine tablets to clomazapin. Three years ago I persuaded my doctor to let me try Ropinirole, at first this worked well, not perfect, but better. The only trouble is that the dose has to be increased as time goes by. Nearly 2 years ago I tried the machine marketed in the UK as "Circulation Booster". I tried it on its own without taking Ropinirole, not too bad a result at first but gradually the symptoms returned so I am now taking Ropinirole 0.5 mg (I was taking 1 mg on its own) and using the "Circulation Booster" for half an hour each night. Again the combination is not a "cure" but generally I am getting a good night's sleep - so far I am happy but watch this space!

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  • I wonder if the machine at our Gym would work in the same way. I think its called a vibrating plate supposed to increase circulation. I had a go on it and thought my brains were being liquidized! but I will have another go if it works for my RLS. Had some really bad nights recently which I have put down to chocolate cake.

  • I doubt the vibro plate will have the same effect at all. The CB machine is targeted at lower legs and has not effect at all on rest of the body.



  • the CB machine does not vibrate it works like a TENS m/c, ie electrical impulse

  • I have a circulation booster machine, and it doesnt do a thing for my RLS.

    So, i hope it continues to work for you.

  • Does it do you any good at all?



  • No Bob, the impulses seems to make my legs jump... :(

  • perhaps turning the severity of the impulse down might help???

  • I have tried right thro all the settings and the different impulses, they dont work for me....

  • Also the one i have has the large pads with it that can be used like a ten machine, the pads can be stuck on different parts of the body. Tried them as well on my legs in different areas, they dont work either...

  • Your post is certainly good news. =)

  • Circulation booster helps me at times, certainly cant rely on it but I wouldn't be without it, if you follow me!!

  • It would certainly appear that in general, what works for one does not work for another. I am also a long time sufferer and just like many of you I have tried many things over the past 40 odd years, such as Quinine ( in the early days ), Ropinirole and a whole host of drugs prescribed by doctors who have professed to have knowledge of Ekbom's Syndrome ( RLS ), but in fact knew a great deal less than those of us who suffer. One such drug that springs to mind was Amitriptyline, an anti-depressant, which in my experience and also on further investigation, actually makes RLS worse.

    Certain medicines can cause or worsen RLS. These include:

    anti-sickness medicines (eg metoclopramide)

    antidepressants (eg amitriptyline and paroxetine)

    beta-blockers (eg propranolol)

    anti-psychotic medicines (eg haloperidol)


    some antihistamines (eg diphenhydramine).

    Alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes may also make your RLS symptoms worse.

    This is an extract from BUPA Healthcare's own webpage.

    As I have said we all all appear to have different ways to manage our illness and mine has been for a good many years now, to wear shorts virtually all of the time, to keep my legs cool. I take a Magnesium with Vitamin B complex pill every day with my evening meal and a Clonazapam 500 micrograms ( 0.5 Mg ) pill about 30 minutes before I want to try sleeping. I also for most of the year have an electric fan directed at my lower legs, which I try to keep uncovered.

    I find that these measures allow me the most relief I have enjoyed in many years, but as with other people I do have days/nights where nothing works, other than getting out of bed and walking and stretching.

    Unfortunately there is very little sympathy afforded to us as sufferers and there are many doctors even today that do not even recognize it as a legitimate illness.

    Good luck to all of you that are suffering and I hope that someday we might enjoy some good nights of restful sleep.

  • I am very glad that you have been able to lower your meds. As you know, the higher the dose of Ropinerole or any med in that class, the worse it can get with augmentation. I am happy that this booster helps you with your RLS. I have use every contraption known to mankind after many surgeries, and none of them ever helped with my RLS, post surgery or physical rehab.. in fact quite the opposite. Anything, that has an electrical surge or "jiggles" my legs just sets off the RLS off. We are all so different when it comes to RLS and treatments. Some day we may find out what all this mess is. :o)

  • I am so happy for you that you have found something that helps. For me it was no help, it makes my legs worse, anything with electrical pulses makes my legs jump. xx

  • It seems that the real cause of RLS remains illusive; what works for one does not help another - perhaps there is more than one cause, or perhaps there are different types of RLS, I don't know hopefully someone will find out in the not too distant future, this is especially so as my daughter is beginning to suffer, may be confirming an hereditary link.

  • After taking Quinnine Sulphate for MANY months, a managed to see another GP that informed me it was a useless drug to take for RLS as it is primarily used for cramps, an RLS isnt a cramp based ailment! Since starting Ropinirole 2mths ago, after the first few weeks (which was sooo bad) ive had a month free of RLS, Its def a hereditary problem, my father had it, as do I and my 18yr old son has complained of 'twitches' for a few years, tho at present not as bad as i get!!

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