Restless Legs Syndrome
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So, So So Mad about NOT getting more Vicodin!!!!

I need to scream really loud on here. =O

That's me screaming.

I'm screaming because I had a bad allergic reaction to an antibiotic.

I'm on a prendisone taper.

My dose is super high today and tonight.

It will be for the next 2 days and then gradually it will be lowered.

I was fine one minute and then covered in itchy hives the next.

I went to the ER when my throat started itching severely.

Liquid benedryl was given to me along with shots...

Hey, the hives and symptoms are mostly all gone but I am wired up

and winded up as much as I can possibly be. My legs are thumping

like Thumper the Rabbit..They are ready to run for miles.

I was told that I may be tired but I probably won't get to sleep

tonight. My legs are going nuts. = /

I have this sensation in my feet and legs that feel like a brush

would feel on the bottom of your feet. It's crazy how tingling my

legs are! I almost can't stand it.

I'm off Vicodin because I am going to end up needed more and

more of it to get the same effect. I made the decision that it was

good for a Must Sleep night when I am crabby, angry, and

fed up with not sleeping. I am allowed 5 a month. (Goodness!)

I have to comment that when I take the Vicodin, my legs are

the worst that they ever get and within 30 mins, my legs feel

like lead, my entire body falls into a deep sleep as if I was snow

white and took a bite of the Poison Apple. I get zero hangover

feeling the next day.

I am so, so, so angry that I can't have Vicodin 3 nights a week

rather than 5 nights a month. I understand the reason but

I am still so angry. Relief is just a walk over to the medicine

chest and takes a second to swallow the pill.

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Hope that all settles down for you soon

wish you all the very best.


Hun, Benadryl is why your legs are going nuts. It doesnt like our RLS apparently. It has an ingredient that reacts against the RLS.

Sorry about the Vicodin, i have said before we dont have it in the UK, so dont understand the ins and outs of that med. apart from being a very strong pain killer.

You should look at all the no no meds for RLS, and make a note of them, so in any emergency situation you wont be given something which will send your legs over the top. has a download of meds which you can print out and keep with you.

Reply missed a dot out lol.


It's so difficult as sometimes we have to take medication that will antagonize rls. Hopefully when you stop the benadryl it will settle down . Wishing you the best x x


Elisse is right. Never let anyone give you benedryl / Diphenhydramine. It will make your legs bonkers. We talk about diphenhydramine all the time. They can give you something else for hives, besides that med. I am sorry it happened, but that should be on a card in your wallet on a "no-no" list.


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