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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Hello again

I did manage to come off Mirapexin but weakened my resolve and have been taking 2x0.25 Ropinipole. As soon as I increased the dose to 3 x0.25 I developed hives. I suffered this for an entire year when I was on Mirapexin. It began to stop being effective so my doctor doubled the dose to 4mg. This was in 2016 before I discovered this site. I am now down to 0.25 Ropinipole and 3x 100 mg of Gaberpentin. I am up most of the night grabbing sleep when I can. My legs around the ankles hurt so much. I have read here that some of you have found relief using magnesium & or Epsom salt. Where do you get this and what are the amounts. I am assuming that you mix it together to make some sort of rub that can be massaged into the legs. Thank you to all those who post on here. This site has been a life saver.

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You really need to find out what's causing the pain in your ankles, it could be anything from arthritis to venous deficiency.

Magnesium can be absorbed through the skin but you will get more into your system taking it orally. You can probably buy magnesium citrate (powder) most economically on eBay. You may need to look around more to find a source of magnesium bisglycinate (powder).

I guess some sort of exercise may help, but that the wrong exercise for a particular cause may do more harm than good. My guess is also that massaging is probably going to be more helpful for problems with muscles.


Hello Ironbrain

Thank you for replying to me. As I wrote to LotteM my legs are in good condition so I am linking the pain directly to the shaking of my legs at night. Yes - I think the muscles are totally worn out by the shaking and I do continually rub them during the night to ease the sensation. This is why I though that I had read that others massage something into the skin to be absorbed which helps with the pain

Many thanks


Well done! And keep up the good work! But the pain is not nice. Do you FEEL it is related to the rls? I came off ropinirole and now take gabapentin and tramadol. And I suspect the latter is kind of overruling the rls-urges, giving me painful calves mainly. Maybe because the muscles still get the signal to move, but the meds help me prevent doing so.

Anyway, keep a watch on your pain. And stretching gently, massaging and warm water may help too. I was planning on getting epsom salt (online) today, but I am in NL, and forUK or USA the best sites to get it will be different.

And maybe you’re about to drop the ropinirole altogether? For most of us it took a while to get it completely out of our bodies and the wirhdrawal symptoms subsiding, but there will be an end to it. It will get better!

Is there a possibility to get additional help by taking codeine or tramadol or oxycontin? I think you’ve been heroic doing without so far.

Keep us posted!

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Thank you for your reply LotteM

Luckily my legs are in really Google shape as I regularly swim, walk and exercise. I have no pain from them once I'm up and about but severe pain at night along side the irrepressible urge to shake the life out of them. This was why I was wondering about the massaging direction. What a curse RLS is

Many thanks again X


Since you are physically active you might want to look at the simple exercise dancers have started doing I posted yesterday:


I've found quite a lot about nutrition, massage and useful exercises searching among the problems professional dancers have.

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Whoops - not Google but good shape!!!


Sounds exactly like my tls! Wanting to rub, massage and shake...

I haven’t found out whether it is the rubbing/massaging itself that eventually eases the pain feeling, or the stuff that I use. The essential thing is that eventually it DOES ease and I can fall asleep again. Hope it is the same for you.


Epsom salts ( from any chemist) and water ( from any tap- but still bottled is better) mixed half and half by volume to make up an oil that can be rubbed on the legs and arms.

This allows the magnesium to be absorbed very efficiently.

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Thank you I'm going to give it a go


Magnesium tablets are available from chemists, or online from Healthspan (375mg Mg), which is about the maximum daily dose, or as magnesium citrate (100mg Mg) from Holland & Barrett. Epsom Salts should be available from chemists but are a strong laxative so best used externally as others have suggested.


Thank you all for your advice and support


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