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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Another night up by the looks of it. Had a few nights kiinda free of really bad rls. When i do sleep without the rls feeling i juust cant get to sleep properly. I think my body clocks all messed up after this last month or so. Gone bed tonight all ready to go sleep amd bamm its there felt it creeping up my legs tonight in toes then ankles lowerlegs etc and was full on within 10 mins. Fed up and tired . Feeling really down at the moment.:(

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I am the same my mirapexin has stopped working and there is nothing else they can give me they said so I am stuck, walking and crying eyes like bullets , torture pure torture !!


Hi to both of you, Perplexed, have you been back to your doctor to get any other med. after looking at your previous blogs. You were going to see your doctor and ask about other meds. you had seen people take on here.


Rish, have you asked you doctor yet why you have been denied the patch because of your age...which is ridiculous...

Both of you, need to take charge and demand for better treatment from your doctors,

You can even go back to take a previous med that did work for you and try it again.

Some people do that with meds. its something i am doing now with my meds.

Maybe i am just lucky with having a great doctor who works with me.


I will try again with another doctor and see what they will do, the doctors here are hard work :-( thank you


They are hard work i dont know if youve looked at my other posts or not but its takin menearly 15 yrs to find the doc i got now who is actually willing to investigate it with me. Instead of those thay play it down as nothing or littererly laugh you out the surgery. Elsie is so right you really need a doctpr that understands you. I think i have found mine depends i suppose how long it takes for her to get fed up with me!!!! I know thats proberly a bit harsh but i have had alot of bad,experiance with doctors!!!!! I feel your pain and so does everybody else on this site your in the right place :)


Keep bothering them til you get the patch or something else which will help you..

I am sure if it was them, they wouldnt wont to be awake all night, and would soon find something for them selves...

Keep in touch and let us know how you get on...


Well i requested a ferritin level test and also went in with a list of meds i had heard of on here she took it and said she would investigate the ones she hadnt heard off!!!!! Anyway had a bloody horriable bloodtest yesterday 4 viles and it took like 10 mins cause she couldnt get any blood out!!!! Thats to test kidneys diabeties a ferririn level test magnesium and a few others i think i did ask the nurse to tell me what it all was but unfortunatly i got the nurse who wasnt particually friendly!!!! (the other ones lovely) and i think she was already knarked it was taking so long. My doctors much better so i am going to go and get her to wright exactly what was tested down. Im trying to keep all the details together now aswell as a rls diary to help me and the doctor. Anyhow results on monday i will keep you posted!!!! Also doctor wanted me to go down on my amitrip that i take usually to help me sleep before all this kicked off again. But she said thats one of the drugs that could bring it on so on 25 now instead of 50 . After being on 150 clomiparimine and 50 amitrip for so long my bodys finding ot hard to adjust. So when i got me rls on i cant sleep and when its not there i cant sleep ( never been a good sleeper) cant win !!!!!!


Perplexed, make sure you find out what the ferritin level comes back as, it used to be 50 or above for us RLSers, but they have changed it recently and now they say, 75 or above. dont take your doctors, its normal, it might seem normal range, but as i said below 75 and then it might help to take iron pills with your doctors supervision. It doesnt work for everyone taking iron and its very hard to up the ferritin level almost impossible in fact, but its worth trying if you need too. you never know, if you do go down that road of iron, always take them with a Vit.C pill it helps to absorb the iron...

Glad to hear things are getting put in place for you now.

I hope your doctor will now "get it" and give you some better meds which will help you..

If you look at the website rlshelp.org it will tell you that most anti-d's will send your RLS nuts, there is one that wont...look and see if you can mention that one to your doctor to try..


I dont give my blood up easily either, isn't it a 'pain' when they have to dig around! Same of course when they have to put a line in and I really hate it when they have to use the back of my hand that can really hurt. Hope your results are what you want them to be!?

I have had 2 very bad nights and that's with maxing out the meds!! Messes up my days as I then doze all day and get nothing done at all and get very bad tempered!!!


Bob M


Yeah irs so frustrating when all you want to dois sleep bur your body wont let you. I get to the point where i start dredding going bed incase it starts again .like it did last night. No warning signs before i went bed like i usually get like the feeling in the background starting to build and the figetting threw the day amd the streching thats my major warning sign. Bit was just totally out the blue last night.i also took all i could which at the mo is 25 amitrip paracetomol and ibuprofen untill i get results havnt really got anything to take!!!! Yesterday was deffo the worst bloodtest i have had. My bodys all screwed up at the mo anyway i already thoufght it might make me feel a bit rough but bloody hell you can feel everything i started sweating my heart was pulsating!!!!! Lol. Nasty stuff!!!!! My arm is black now in the crease of my arm i always bruise loads and it hurts but if it gets me any good results or answers in any way then im willing to do it. :)


i so know how you feel, and unless people suffer with RLS they really dont understand how bad it is when you are falling asleep at work


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