Restless Legs Syndrome
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I have reached te end of my tether...last night i had a night from hell..every 5 mins the legs started, i had no energy to get out of bed, i just tossed and turned, tuened and tossed untill 6 am then got up. My doctor upped the pramipexole dosage and this is the result. I have put on over a stone with these pills and still nothing is working....i cant take any more,i'm so depressed im speaking to anyone, i just dont want to live like this anymore...u cant even call it either going to drink a bottle of whisky or take enough pills that i wont feel anything anymore..i have never felt so low

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I'M not speaking to anyone anymore is what i meant


know what your going through im like that every night have been for years :( what i do is just get on with it best i can and know how sometimes you talk to anyone that'll listen but know they have no idea what your on about ,

Dr's bout as much use as a chocolate tea-pot ,

hope you get some sleep tonight so you feel like your back with the land of the living



Oh hun, i am so sorry you are feeling so bad and low. You really need to go back to your doctor and ask for a different med. its obviously not working for you. You are not alone in how you are feeling, i have been there before, felt i couldnt take it anymore, whats the point of living cause i am not living a proper life, and plenty have felt the same.

Have you tried any other RLS med apart from the pramipexole.

We will try to help you as much as we can on here. :)


hi,Maggie, well ive been there so i know how your feeling, but dont let it beat you your stronger than rls is, if you upped the pills and its not working, is it augmentation ?? and i wouldnt bother with the drinking, it makes a lot of us worse, we all get like you feel right now, but we are all here for you we will try and help as much as we can, just please dont let it beat you :)


Thank u so much Niah for you fighting hard this night.....its bought me so low...all i know is i cant go on like not living a life....i need my life back..there must be a knowledgable doctor somewhere who can help praying there is xx


Big cyber hug from me to you.

I've been there and had to repeat over and over

"This too shall pass"

It did but not without the help of a doctor.

I was so wanting to help you that I went into the CA , RLS

community to see what other choices there are.

One lady was so desperate that she drank her own urine.

She explained the "how to" get that going. I became ill and

sat with everything off praying for you. (and worrying)

I thought of that woman's disposition and how that must make

her feel to do such a horrific thing..then I realized that this

syndrome is making us all do and try, say crazy things.

When you wake up (if you are asleep) throw us a line on here

to let us know how you overcame this. If you didn't sleep, I am

here to talk to.


Please read up on the replies to your other thread.

And let us know what is happening.


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