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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Shooting pains with rls.

Does anyone get shooting pains with rls? I tried a heating pad last night.

It was not effective. Anyone know what to do when it goes on every

3 or 4 minutes? My legs were moving almost non stop last night. I tossed

all night trying to get them comfortable.

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I don't get "shooting" pain, mine is more of a constant painful throbbing. Squeezing a pillow between my legs helps a little bit, laying on my stomach helps a little bit, but the only thing that really helps is a narcotic. Since you describe your pain as "shooting," I wonder if you may have a case of sciatica along with your rls.


I get a deep ache in my right calf, yesterday all day it was bad, i had to use my heating pad off and on to try to relief it. Not until i took my last pill before bed did it start to ease.... But no, not shooting pain.... maybe as ookla has said could be sciatica. If i could have tolerated a narcotic yesterday i would dearly have taken one.


Hi Brett, I get shooting pains down my right leg, and my right arm, and all I can do is wait for the co-codamols to click in. In the mean time I walk around the house, shaking my arm, hoping it may drop off, but unfortunately the cocodomols only last about 1.5 hours, so I tend to do too much whilst out of pain. Oxynorm or oycodone is good for this, but docs wont prescribe it. Jimeka


Yes, I get shooting pains in my feet, often severe enough to wake me up! Just what's needed if you have r.l.s. I reckon taking pramipexole causes these symptoms.


Is that neuropathy?


Hi Brett

I get rls from time to time. For fibro I am on Slow Release Tramadol 2xday plus amitryptilene at night. For rls I apply voltarol gel or deep heat on the whole area (upward movements) and I switch rooms to be able to be restless as much as I need to. Add pillows under your legs. sometimes mild heat helps. Do the leg excercises which they prescribe for long haul flights. Try anything until you find something that works for you. Cut out SUGAR and caffeine altogether. I wish you a good night's sleep!


Does the pain run down the back of your legs? If so, it could be sciatica.

If you mention it to your doctor then maybe they can figure that one out.

You might need some physical therapy. My brother has shooting pains and

goes to the chiropractor and for physical therapy. He moves pretty good now.


I get shooting pains, mostly at night time, from the hips to my toes, very uncomfortable , n very annoying, i find that if i walk round the house, it eases it a little, but doesn't always go away. some days i could scream with the pain n movements, feels like ive done the marathon!!!!


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