Please can anyone give me suggestions on how I can help my 91yr old Mum.She has suffered from rls for many years, but seems to be worse,

It has stopped her from going on hoildays anymore, and she never gets a good nights sleep.

It mainly seems to occur in her legs. She has tried many things to help the symptoms ie: she dry brushes every day, takes magnesium suppliments, drink tonic for the quinean, she gets up when symptoms start and does stretching exercises (even in the middle of the night). She has a health diet and drinks little caffeine and little alcohol. She has tried numerous medications from the Doctor and none seem to work or react with her other tablets she is on

( one being blood pressure pills). I am not surprised she is on blood presure pills because this rls is driving her mad. It is so sad because otherwise she is very health at 91 and enjoyes an active life. Please does anyone have any suggestions, it would be the best thing I could do for her.

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  • Can you tell us what other meds she takes and what they are for, names of the meds. would be helpful. Someone might be able to suggest a medication that she can take with her others meds. Tonic water will not help, so tell her to forget that one.

    Also if you can name other meds, she has tried for her RLS would also be helpful.

    Its hard to know what to suggest when we dont get the full picture.

  • Ok,I have quizzed my Mum on her medications. For lowering blood pressure she takes Bendroflumethia, she also takes Dipyridamole and Candesartan for other things.

    The doctor has only given her Cabagoline for RSL, this is the second time he has tried it on her, and it seems to make it worse so he said take paracetamol with it as well. To me this sounds like he does not know what is suitable. She noticed the tonics did not work so stopped them as well. So if you have any suggestions I would be grateful.

  • Hi, I'm so sorry to hear that your mum is having these horrible problems. I started on Ropinirole for my RLS (I also have periodic limb movement disorder, or PLMD) and am currently weaning myself off that and on to Gabapentin. Has your mum tried either of them? For me, I find that I can't have anything with salt or sugar in it, or alcohol, after 7pm or I won't sleep cos of the PLMD. So bread is out, cheese on toast is definitely out and a multitude of other things sadly! Also, your mum could ask her doctor to send her for a serum ferritin test - this is in relation to the levels of iron in your brain. For RLS sufferers, it should be between 50-100, much higher than for those without. Good luck - I hope your mum finds some peace.


  • Thanks for the info, my Mum has not tried Ropinirole or Gabapentin only Cabagoline which does not work either. Her diet is low in salt and sugar and she always eats before 7pm and no alcohol. I told her about the test, so she will ask her Doctor next time she sees him, which will be soon. Let you know if any out come.

  • Hi DiverG my Mum is 91 and her doctor is now going to put her on mirapexin starting on a low dose. i asked her to do this as my mothers legs as bad with RLS. Go to the doctors with your Mum armed with info and suggest this to the doctor.


  • Unfortunately I dont even live in the same country as my Mum, but she can make it to the doc's herself, so will pass on the info on Mirapexin. Thanks anything is worth a try.

  • I have looked on the internet about Mirapexin, and I think it may not be suitable for my Mum, as it is not suitable for persons with problem circluation history, and my Mum had a TIA last year, which is a mini stroke (she had no lasting effects from it, as it was caught in time), so maybe that is why her doctor has not already prescribed it.

  • Good luck to your mum at the doctor's - I hope she gets some help.


  • I am 81 and have suffered most of my adult life with R.L. It was driving me mad until I read about Nuepro patches. My doctor now prescribes these in a 2mg dose and they are wonderful. It is not 100% cure but I now get a good night's sleep and feel so much better . Perhaps your Mum could ask her doctor about them, you just apply one patch per day at an appropriate time for you. Good Luck

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