what a start for 2017t

saw my gp [wednesday] for a check_up on my leg [had cellulitis over xmas he said its still doesnt look ok gave me script for water tabs followed on with my review for rls meds didnt want me to carry on with pregablin or codine just 3mg patches he also noticed that i had got a chest infection [might have to go for x-ray] walked out with a fistfull of scripts feeling like s---t took scripts to chemists didnt have any patches or whatever was on for my chest had got one patch left for that night i was so peed off with what had gone down forgot to change the patch needlessly to say my legs have been giving me hell to makes things worse had to go to pick somebody up was govoiding up a hill cars parked both sides guy coming down flashed me i was slow to go we both moved i swerved to avoid a head -on took my nearside mirror out and the parked cars off side one out as well!!not a good day its now 0 200 hrs legs still giving me gyp thinking of making a cuppa and watch some fishing videos hope the rest of today gets better!!!!

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  • Thats really bad luck- so sorry for all the bad karma coming at once.

    Will they have more patches in the morning?

    I hope things work out better soon.

    Thinking of you.

  • cheers buddy the patches were delivered 8 30 this morning am back on earth now !! could have killed next doors cat yesterday lol

  • Well Stan that was very cruel of you to want to kill the cat xx

  • oh beady beady dont tell me that you have never come across that saying before it was ripe when i was living in the MIDLANDS???? its just an expression used to let off steam read my post [what a start for 2017] maybe you will see what i mean or am i reading you wrong????

  • O Stan just winding you up ,sorry you had such a lot go wrong ,things do seem to go like that ,have a good day x

  • and i thought i was a wind-up merchant one up to you be on your guard!!!!!!!!!!stanxxx

  • beady3, I have to agree with you 110%. Even though I am sure the comment was meant in jest, it clearly was not thought through before being said. I guess you have to be a parent of a fur-baby to truly understand.

  • If I could the get. The. fur baby that keeps doing a mess on my plans well I will wish you a good night

  • hi BEADY 3 [JUNE] was your 2nd post [2hrs ago] for me cant make out what you mean ??? think it may be a typo error??? please let me know STANxx.

  • Stan if you read what Lbf2016 the person above me said you should get it

  • Well, my now moved-out nextdoor neighbours had four cats that used my garden as their personal litter tray and killed all the birds. No good talking to the neighbours - the cats are only behaving naturally. If somebody had suggested strangling them, I wouldn't have done much to dissuade them - with or without RLS-related exasperation. Luckily the cats and their owners left, and the birds have returned :-)

  • What a stressful day! If your legs are giving you gyp how do you watch a video. I try standing up watching TV but my legs don't like me standing still so I generally walk around doing chores so, inevitably, I miss bits.

  • Me too lois Tonya. Cannot sit or stand still. When I am up with RLS I either walk around the house or stand with my feet/legs tensed up for as long as I can stand it and then walk again. I never sit for any length of time in the evenings. Nightmare isn't it.

  • Hi Keiralee,

    As my legs are at their best in the morning I take advantage of the chance to sit down and save the chores for the evening. I do play board games from 6.30 pm and my mates have got used to me walking around the room between my goes.

  • hi kieralee see my reply to lois

  • hi LOISTONYA i lay face down on the floor !!! have read somewhere that its supposed to help rls have found that it does help if you do it for half an hour try it it may give you some relief thanks for post good luck.

  • Oh man those days such and I had a couple of them this week alone :(

    On the plus side at least when a heap of sh1te happpens at once it gets it all over and done with!!

  • hi raffs you got it in one

  • O heck, what a day you had. Hope you got those patches now and your chest medication. Feel better soon. x

  • hi ELISSE thanks for posts patches/chest meds here this morning am on the mend now

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