Rooibos is one of the effective herbs used in curing the problem of restless legs sydrome.This herbs i slargely in certain parts of Africa.They are characterised by needle shaped leaves.A few leaves of the Rooicos can be well crushed and then used for preparing a herbal tea.

Drinking half a cup of this leaves every day wil help in reducing and wipping the pain away very efficiently,.

Mixtures may vary and some may attain its power form.

Its so far the most efficeint medication used by most Africans and the very few who are able to lay hands on as its some how rare kind.

Alot of success stories by users in Africa especially South Africa and Cameroon where the leaves can easily be found,..



For information on this.


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  • You take this do you... ?

  • My wife registered a 100% success rate using it .Its been two months now and no signs of any major diffitculty

  • Never heard of it, will look into it thanks.

    Kratom is another herb that has a good safety profile and works very well with RLS.

  • You can buy rooibos tea here in the uk. Is that as effective or do you have to use the leaves?

  • Rooibos- redbush - from South Africa. A very popular tea there- quite bitter taste but has a lot of adherents.

    I don't know if Ngalle is selling it or just promoting it. I've never come across it as a relief for RLS.

    It widely available in most supermarkets and I can't magine that any one variety is less or more effective than any other.

    Certainly worth a try.

    Let us know how you get on- fellow sufferers.


  • i think getting the leaves from the source it self in its original formed not hving been processed is far more efficient.because my wife had been through several different treatments,but non of them was as this efficient as the rooibos leaves we ordered..

  • you have to use the leave.I know its far more effectif when you get it directly from the source.......You send an inquiry email... onlinelabtest@gmail.com

  • I have drunk a mug of Redbush vanilla tea for years, longer than I have had RLS. I have not noticed any benefit but how people absorb things differs and what works for one doesn't for another.

  • Never heard of leaves to cure rls and dont think for a minute it could possibly work as its from your brain that controls the movements

  • From my understanding, the current western medical community thinks RLS is due to low levels of dopamine. I was looking at herbs that increase dopamine and found gingko to be one of them. Tried it last the night before last and it significantly calmed the RLS. Effects lasted for about a day. My coworker had a bout yesterday at work. She tried it as well and it helped. Worth a try.

    There has also been research done on a Chinese TCM preparation called Yi Gan San. Supposedly it the researchers theorize formula acts on the brain's GABAergic, serotonergic and dopaminergic systems.

    Good luck.

  • We actually have enough dopamine but it gets blocked and cant get to where its needed. People with Parkinson's do not have enough dopamine.

    Like we always say what works for one doesnt for some one else. Glad you seem to have found what helps you.

  • I cut out all dairy products 11 years ago and only get it now if I eat in pubs a lot on holiday. Got the idea from my friend who controlled his migraine through diet

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