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Restless Legs Syndrome
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My husband and RLS - I just wanted to share

Firstly I am new and Hi to all. Just wanted to share stuff. My husband I have known for 4 years and now married this month for 2 years has, since I have known him, always had RLS and will continue to do so I guess. He was diagnosed a long while before I met him. He had undergone a lot of tests with brain function tests and sleep tests while being watched by specialists. They had to wake him at one point because his legs were so jumpy they thought he was fitting. I have never seen this in him so bad as he regularly takes Sinemet and things are so much better for him. The funny thing is he is a long distance LGV driver and can manage driving for long hours without any symptoms. He's not home in the week that often, but pity he couldnt stay still on the sofa watching telly of an evening like that when he is. Perhaps I should get a pretent steering wheell!! he he.

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Hi, thanks for sharing. Its is known for many of us that have RLS, that driving, is a distraction from the RLS, when driving you have to concentrate very hard on what you are doing and what is going on around you.

Also many of us cant sit still at home during the day or evening trying to watch the tv....its madding to say the lest.

Its good to hear he seems to be doing well on the med. he is on.


Thank you for your reply. I'm glad in some ways that at least he gets to do something without being annoyed by his legs. I didn't mean to make light of the RLS condition.


hi, i think we know your not trying to make light of it, you wouldnt be on here talking if you didnt understand how bad it is ok



Hi there :)

What good news that your hubby takes a med that is helping him. Many sufferers are ok on a prescribed drug for a time and then it loses its impact and they have to try another. Long may the sinemet work for your hubby ...... and you, if you know what I mean. Yes, this RL demon always seems to appears when one is relaxing or trying to do so.

Kaarina :)


It's great that your husband has found relief.

However = My understanding is that sinemet works well but has a very high risk of augmentation and so should only be used if the rls symptoms need medicated 2 or 3 times each week. For daily use some of the other medications has less risk ( or no risk) of augmentation. Augmentation is when the medication causes the symptoms to become stronger and also usually earlier in the day.


I've spent many a night out driving for hours to get some relief from my RLS (it totally works for me!). I've been taking ropinerol for the last couple of years and things got a lot better until recently 😞 I'm taking 1mg at 6 ish and another 1mg before bed, starting to wonder if I'm getting augmentation (which I'd never heard of until joining this group a couple of days ago.


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