25+ years of RLS and it runs in my family

Hi all, I am actually the wife to a RLS sufferer. He doesn't have the time to go on community support sites so I do it for him, cuz I care and know how frustrated he gets. If you live with someone with RLS you feel like you suffer along with them. I've only experienced restless legs a few times and that was enough to become completely sympathetic to this debilitating condition!!

After reading some of the things on this site and reading about Restiffic-the foot wrap, I am going to try using a electronic back massager on the bottom of his feet tonight and see if that brings any relief. I have a feeling it just might. I'll let you know. He said the best thing he ever experienced for his RLS was when he was in the hospital a couple years ago for surgery and they put these leg wraps on him and they had this big motor that hung on the end of the bed and the wraps would constrict and put pressure on his legs at certain intervals. He said his legs never felt so good and no problem with RLS. I wish we could have that at home!!

Julie Frey

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  • I hope the foot wrap works for him! If a similar device worked before, then you're right, it should work.

    Good luck to him!

  • OH no he has never used the foot wrap Restiffic! Way too expensive!!!! I looked into it but not doing it based on reviews and cost. I read someone else's post on here about massaging the bottom of the feet, so that made me think of using the back massager on the bottom of the feet. But thanks!

  • Fortunately for me, I only suffer RLS during the day if I'm having to be still - travelling or at the theatre for instance. My Hell is evening and through the night. However, if my feet are touched at ANY time - massage, or a foot spa or the TENS machine I tried - my foot immediately goes crazy with RLS. Going to the podiatrist is very difficult and I had to explain my weird reactions.

    I'm glad that foot massage works for some people though and hope it works for your husband.

  • My husband bought me something similar to what the hospital uses for compression device. They sell them on amazon might be worth a try


  • Hi terrilynn do you feel like that helps your RLS? It looks cool and it's not that expensive compared to many other things I've seen. Let me know how helpful/how much relief you get from that.

    Thank you

    Julie Frey

  • It could have been something else that made the difference. I'd suspect food. May be he wasn't eating the food that triggered the rls. Some people find that lowering sugar intake helps. I have found that an artificial food preservative (E202) is an instant trigger. If he gets nights without rls, try to think what is missing from the diet that is normally there, and you may have found the trigger. You may identify the wrong food at first, so it can often take a few attempts to find the right one.

  • Have him try the 65mg of iron, that is the recommended dose for RLS sufferers, research it, I think you may find some help with this. I did.

  • Thanks that's what I keep telling him too-IRON also he is allergic to bananas and I don't think he gets enough potassium in his diet either. I will check into both of those things. It also gets worse the older he gets:(


    Unfortunately RLS generally worsens with age :(

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