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THERAPULSE. Complaint to ASA

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I complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about the claims made by the manufacturers & advertisers of Therapulse. This is the response from the ASA. They are advertising online and in Saga magazine. I'm sure they offer a refund when it doesn't help RLS but to claim it is the top treatment for RLS is a lie.

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Thanks, they've also responded to me.

Exact same message.

Good result!

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Whymelord in reply to Elffindoe

Thankyou Elffindoe.

Well done. Good job.

You are now " On File"

Which could be ominous!😉

Now-- who do we contact about the countless medical professionals who could be up for many negligence issues.?

Keep up the good work.

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Joolsg in reply to Madlegs1

Depressing isn't it?

I bought one of these about three weeks ago and used it twice. Useless. Exactly the same machine is advertised for Plantar Fasciitis as being the best treatment. I think I will write too. The company should not be allowed to advertise Therapulse as such. Thanks.

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Joolsg in reply to cicek

You can definitely get a refund as itwas sold incorrectly. It is not best treatment. Contact the company and ask for your money back.

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cicek in reply to Joolsg

Thanks Joolsg. I will definitely do this now I have seen your comments. I just put the machine into the drawer and was going to put it down to experience but now I will take action.

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Elffindoe in reply to cicek

Can you give a link to the advert?

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Joolsg in reply to Elffindoe

I haven't seen the ad in Saga. Someone posted on here that they had seen an ad in Saga about 3 months ago.

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cicek in reply to Elffindoe

My husband was doing some searching and saw it so not sure how he found it but if you just google Therapulse it brings it up with all the claims etc. When I saw it advertised for Plantar it was on Facebook.

Great job done. !! Same as idid for those copper bracelets. 😁

Well done and thank you

Many thanks and appreciation Joolsg,I get so angry when I read about these false claims of how great their products are regarding so many fellow sufferers I've invested lot of my hopes and money on false claims.what on earth would we do without you and others on this forum who take the time to do this on behalf of others.

Well done to Jules and Elffindoe for taking the time and trouble to complain to the ASA. I couldn't count the times I have had intentions of complaining about companies, medical and a whole lot on selly telly but I never bothered and regret many not doing so. Let's see if the ASA show their teeth! There are too many snake oil peddlers, selling false hope to very desperate people, who mostly, like myself and cicek just bin it and chalk it up to experience. Brilliant post x

I'm sorry you did not find Therapulse machine èffective but felt I needed to put forward my own experience with. I bought 2 of these one for each leg. And I have found them to be very effective in reliving my RLS symptoms. The only thing I have tried that ever has. I had augmenting from pramapexole. Therapulse have been absolutely magic. And relieve the nightly agony I have gone through. I do get that we are all different and they may not work for all us but with money back offer I thought there was nothing to lose me they were magic when nothing else would help.

I think you will find it’s the wording on how they advertise it. Saying it’s the top treatment for RLS.

The complaint I made was that the online adverts claim it is 'the top treatment for RLS'. That is factually incorrect. In fact it's a lie. That is why I made the complaint. I'm delighted you find it helps you.

I don't remember the exact wording I must admit. I looking for anything that might help. Desperation as am sure many RLS sufferers will identify with. My main point I wanted to make was It did work for me. Finaly something that did. I have aTNS machine but I tried that and it did nothing. Neither did the prescribed medication. (I'm in the UK)It just seemed a little sad to me that therapulse was coming over as useless and wanted to say that it can work. For me it was MAGIC. And I was at the "Abandon Hope all ye who enter here" stage.

I notice you're still taking Pramipexole. You posted about your RLS moving to your arms and were advised that you're very probably suffering augmentation of symptoms.The longer you've been on Pramipexole, the higher the risk.

I went through it in 2016 and managed to get off Ropinirole.

The intense, constant RLS went.

Please do read the pinned post on augmentation and take steps to get off the Pramipexole. Your RLS will just get worse until you do.

Thank you for the advice. I am currently in the process of reducing the dose to stop taking pramapexole. Unfortunately because I have other meds for other conditions I can't move onto gabapetin and the like. So at the moment going without meds for RLS seems to be where I am currently heading. I can get tramadol prescribed here in the UK at the moment with does bring some relief and why I was so thrilled when the Therapulse worked so well for me. Guess that I am fortunate that it does. Imglad this forum exists to offer help and support and helps us to share information latest medical steps forward. I get the impression that most of us here have issues with knowledge and understanding of our immediate health care professionals who aren't always informed or knowledge of dealing with this thing we all share.

Absolutely. RLS isn't taught at any stage during medical training in the UK and GPs don't understand augmentation or how to deal with it. The golden rule is to reduce Pramipexole as slowly as possible, cutting the pills if necessary. A minimum of 3 months is recommended.There are several low dose opioids that help RLS if you're unable to take gabapentin or pregabalin.

Way to go, Joolsg!! Thank you!

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