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What's working for me, at least sort of

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I say "at least sort of" because it's a case of nightly trial and error. But here's what I'm pinning my hopes on right now: 2 hours before I hope to go to sleep, I take a 100 mg capsule of medicinal grade CBD, along with 1 capsule of L-Theanine (I'm unsure of the mg.) and a 400 mg. tablet of magnesium. When I'm reading in bed, I use an inexpensive vibrating pad (it also has a heat setting, but I don't use that) under my calves (directly under my knees) for about 30 minutes. Then 30 minutes before I hope to sleep, 1/2 to 1 tablet of hydrocodone (5/325). If in spite of all of this the RLS begins to come on, I place ice packs under my legs (right behind my knees) until they're numb. Another thing I've discovered recently is that if I lie on my stomach, the sensations are much less noticeable. Unfortunately, this tends to hurt my neck! :-( Another thing I've tried with some success is "crab walking." It might have been someone on this forum who mentioned this several years ago. Take 20 steps sideways to the right, then 20 steps sideways to the left, and repeat at least 10 times. There's something about this that seems to startle (counter stimulate?) the nerves in the legs, and sometimes makes it possible to lie down and get some rest afterwards. I haven't done this in a while, because the other routine seems to be working for now. THANKS TO All of you on this forum, I've been spared the hell of augmentation. When I read about it over and over, I researched it and was able to present my primary care doc with ample evidence of why it would be foolish to insist that I follow the traditional route of dopamine agonists. THANK YOU for sparing me the agony many of you have gone through!

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Very interesting stuff! Yeah, it’s so strange about it being nightly trial and error, isn’t it? The crab-like walking is an interesting approach; I’ll have to try that!

Thanks so much and good luck to you!🙂

So glad you have your meds organised. Unfortunately, when the rls became unbearable for me several years ago, you present to a doctor who maybe prescribes DA agonists. Not knowing what I now know, one takes the meds and are relieved and think they are fabulous. I have always tried to keep the dose low, and would like to find a workable alternative - for me. At the moment I am undergoing tests for nerve sensory etc. I certainly don`t look forward to telling the neurologist I DIDN`T take the Clonezapam he prescribed at my last visit !! I read up on it. That`s what we all have to do - read, and as adults make informed decisions - one man`s medicine etc.

My nights have been pretty bad lately, but try not to let it destroy my days, and the things I enjoy.

Thank you for your post.

Thanks for your post. It's always interesting to read what works for others. I, like you, have had success with laying on my stomach. I agree this is not the most comfortable position so a few years ago, I tried bringing my knees up under me like child's pose and stacking some pillows under my stomach and chest so I could read. I sit like this for 20 minutes or until my legs are numb from loss of circulation. Then I quickly unfold and try to sleep. This strategy has worked more for me than anything else I've tried. Good luck with your continuing strategies!

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I have done this as well, with some success. Sometimes. Anything helps.

Yay!! So happy you’ve gotten relief.

Sending wishes & healing hugs for peaceful zzz’s. 😴😴😴

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